When you reach the Twitch Affiliate milestones, you would be able to upload emotes to Twitch. When authorized, your channel’s subscribers will be allowed to use your customized emotes to respond to your video and share those on different channels. 

But the question remains- how to upload emotes on Twitch? What are the things you ought to keep in mind? Well read on and you will get your answers.

how to upload emotes on twitch

Emotes are similar to Twitch’s official language. Unlike many the gifs and emoticons, they are platform-specific and cannot be used in other applications.

You may use them to have fun in chat rooms or to express your support for other authors. It’s also an excellent approach to distinguish your channel and gain more subscribers. We’ll teach you how to upload emotes to Twitch, and then how to customize those works, and where to get the greatest ones.

Things to keep in mind

Unlike most emoticons, the creative options for Tw

  • The emote must be saved in “.png” format.
  • You can only use the following picture sizes: 56 x 56px, 28 x 28px, and 112 x 112px. If you’re employing Simple Upload, your file can be around 112 x 112px and 4096 x 4096px in size.
  • You cannot upload a file larger than 1MB.
  • Only choose a transparent background.
  • Use high-resolution pictures with no fuzzy lines.

If you follow these criteria, you’ll easily be able to make your customized Twitch emotes.

How to create emotes?

You can use any photo editing app to create your own emotes. Here are the steps you need to take a look at. We have used Adobe Photoshop.

  • Create a new file in Photoshop.
  • Enter the image’s dimensions. Width and height should be 112 x 112px.
  • Select the radio button next to “Background Contents.” From the drop-down option, select “Transparent.” “OK” to confirm.
  • Add text and photos to the file to make it your own.
  • When you’re finished, go to File then go to Save for Web.
  • Change the default file type to “PNG-24.” Then press the “Save” button.

To make a smaller file, select “Image.” Both the Height as well as Width should be set to 56px. “OK” will be shown. Remember to give the new image a distinct name so that it does not replace the old one. Create the 28 x 28px emoticon in the same way.

When you’re finished, you can share all of your pictures with your Twitch account. There is no approval process if you are a twitch partner or a Twitch affiliate with a proven track record. You may now utilize your emotes without having to wait 48 hours. 

How to upload emotes on Twitch?

You can add a customized emote to your channel once you’ve created one. It simply requires a few steps if you meet all of the prerequisites. Here is how to upload emotes on Twitch:

  • Navigate to your Twitch account and select your avatar. To display a drop-down list, select “Creator Dashboard.”
  • Select “Preferences,” then Affiliate/Partner and then go to Emotes Settings.
  • Select “Upload Emotes.” There will be three possibilities available, ie, three distinct emote sizes. Click on the appropriate field to submit your emotes.

Who can upload emotes on Twitch?

Twitch will add the emoticons to your account after about 48 hours. Of course, certain creators can escape the waiting time if they meet the following criteria.

For Business Partners:

  • At least 60 days should be passed since earning Partner status.
  • A period of at least 60 days without violating the Community Guidelines or the Terms of Service.

Affiliates should:

  • Should have streamed at least 60 days as an Affiliate.
  • There have been no penalties or warnings for the behavior of violations in the last 60 days.
  • In the last 60 days of broadcasting, no emotes were refused or erased.

Restrictions to keep in mind

If Twitch rejects your emotes, it’s likely because you didn’t follow the formatting guidelines. Another possible explanation for failed uploads could be a violation of the Community Guidelines. When making your own emote, keep the following points in mind:

  • Include nothing that could be interpreted as a slur or derogatory imagery or symbol.
  • Do not use your emotes to harass or threaten others.
  • Avoid sexual stuff as well as violence/gore.
  • Don’t encourage drug usage or other illicit behavior.
  • Extreme political utterances are frequently frowned upon.
  • Individual characters are not permitted; instead, an image or text must be used.
  • There will be no copyright infringement, such as using other people’s logos or copyrighted material in your emote without permission.

How to create brilliant customized emotes on Twitch?

Respecting general design specifications does not preclude you from being innovative. Emotes are the finest way to define your unique aesthetics, so create something unique. Your subscribers should be able to identify your account in any chat room or during or from a stream.

how to upload emotes on twitch

Every user has diverse preferences, yet a good design has certain universal characteristics. If you’re a novice at this, you ought to start by following some ground rules. Here is how to make good Twitch emotes:

  • Check that your photos and typography appear fine in all three sizes.
  • Use a straightforward design. Intricate designs and detailed visuals are unlikely to be displayed on Twitch.
  • Always take advantage of all available space. All of the edges will be crisper, and the picture will have higher quality as a result.
  • Colors that look good both in Light and Dark settings should be used.
  • To design your emote as more “meme-able,” utilize existing emotes as references.
  • Make emotes out of your trademark lines and inside jokes.
  • Let your subscribers have an impact on your stream by using emotes. Change colors of the screen, for example, or insert a sound effect.

There is a cap on the maximum of emotes that can be used on your channel. Depending on their position, every creator has a limited amount of spaces accessible. Your subscriber base and your total Twitch activity are the most important criteria. Subscribers of the Partner network are given two Tier 1 emotes. Affiliates are assigned one position for each tier.


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