How to Whisper on Twitch (Brief Guide)? This is another such process where you shall be able to send private messages. If you do not know how to do it then this is just the right place for you. Keep reading and by the end of it you shall know it all!

How to Whisper on Twitch (Brief Guide)

How to Whisper on Twitch (Brief Guide)

Are you looking forward to sending a private message to your favorite streamer? You can surely do so and in a very easy process too. To discreet messaging, use the whisper feature of Twitch.

Or even if you are in the mood to whisper to your friends, followers and even subscribers, privately, you can certainly do that on one-to-one basis, across the entire Twitch. Your whisper shall be in-line alongside rest of the chat on web and even on mobile apps irrespective of whichever channel you may be in. If you happen to be watching something and your friend is watching something else, you shall still manage to whisper to him provided you both are online at that moment. It is only between you and the user you are whispering to, shall be able to see the message.

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Below is a quick and easy guide on how to doing leave a whisper on Twitch. It may include any useful information which surrounds the topic.

How you can whisper on twitch using your desktop?

A few ways are there by which you shall be able to whisper a conversation with some other user in twitch from a desktop. The first method to it could be done through the chatbox of the channel.

Type /w @username

After you type the username and write the message that you wish to the sender in the stream chat of your preference. It shall whisper the person on your preference. The system shall start to autocomplete the list of names of people whom you have on another occasion have whispered in that session. It shall either give you the choice to click on the name from the list it provided to select your desired user’s name or else ignore and reject the list. If you ignore the list then in that case you have to type the name of the sender manually.

Whisper Button

If you look at the top right corner of the screen you shall discover a whisper button appearing beside your profile icon and the get bits button. Now after you locate, click on that. It shall pull up the inbox of all your previous whispers, both sent and received. Use the search bar and get to the account of the twitch user you wish to whisper. In case if you happened to have whispered to the person before then, just use the scroll bar to locate that person’s name. Click the chat of that person. This shall also pull out the history of whispers exchanged between you and him.

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Name of the chat button

Another way is by clicking the name of the person in chat, whom you wish to whisper. It shall not only pull up the chat summary but also make the whisper button visible. Now select that.  It shall display to you the history of whisper too. Just type in your message and press enter. Your whisper shall be sent.

To message someone on twitch from your phone

In order to exchange chat messages using the mobile app for twitch you need to do the following:

Click their name

The twitch app on mobile functions in the same way as the desktop. Select the name. This shall pull out many options. Select whisper, it shall bring the chat between you and the person. Type your private message and press enter to send.

Social icon of whisper

Select the whisper icon that appears on the right of your screen. It shall pull up the twitch friends in your account. Select the button to switch to the whisper tab. Upon selecting shall show the existing list of whisper and to start a whisper. Select accordingly or type the username of your choice.

How to Whisper on Twitch (Brief Guide)

To check twitch whispers

In order to do so, select the whisper icon and get to the history of exchanges list of whispers.

To block whispers on twitch

Sometime there may be people who might unnecessarily bother you on whisper. This might lead to a situation that you need to block them. You can do so by the below mentioned ways:

  • Select their name from the channel. This shall open a little profile summary about them as well.
  • Click the three vertical dots appearing beside their profile summary. It shall pull out a further list of settings.
  • Press the block user button, which is visible to you now. In more serious cases you can even report about the user to twitch.
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If suppose the user whom you wish to block is not on the same channel as you. Then the below mentioned ways needs to be followed:

  • After opening the whispers tab select the top right corner icon.
  • Search the history of older messages and select them.
  • A chat window with the history shall be displayed. Click settings on the top right. It shall bring out the blocked user and report user option. Based on the situation select one.

To whisper a streamer on twitch

It can be possible but many prefers to turn that feature off as multiple viewers messages them.