Every Twitch streamer starts with big dreams- earn money and become a big streamer. But the climb to the top is hard.

So if you want to become one of the most popular streamers then read on below. We will give you a list of most viewers on a Twitch stream as well as tell you how to increase the number of viewers on your stream.

List Of Top 10 Streams With The Highest Viewership 

The number 1 spot is held by David CánovasMartínez, a Spanish streamer also known as ‘TheGrefg.’ He hit record-shattering 2.47m viewers in his stream. David revealed that his stream had the most viewers when he announced his skin in Fortnite.

most viewers on a twitch stream

He isn’t a newbie in these circuits since he held the previous record for one solo streamer. But this time he beat major broadcasters. This includes big names like PlayStation and ELEAGUE.

In the list below you will find that streamers from North America dominate the list. But note that streamers from non-English speaking areas and countries are growing at a rapid pace.

Note that the list is created with the help of Twitch Tracker. As such, broadcasts from companies are included along with individual creators. If you want to see a top 10 list with only solo streamers, then read on below:

  • TheGrefg: 2,470,347
  • Ibai: 1,502,295
  • ELXOKAS: 1,208,144
  • Zerator: 707,071
  • Tommyinnite: 650,237
  • Ninjas: 616,693
  • N3KOGLAI: 543,743
  • Shroud: 516,289
  • XTEARS88: 512,246
  • BAKZERA: 506,797

How To Gain This Level Of Twitch Popularity? 

Here we will tell you how you can become popular on Twitch. And maybe by using these tips you will understand how to get most viewers on a twitch stream.

Work On Branding Your Channel

There is a ton of streamers on Twitch who are trying to make it big. But not all of them will because they are all the same. If you don’t want to be part of that bunch, then you need to set your channel apart.

As such, you need to brand your channel. For example, some streamers do ASMR while playing games. But if you aren’t sure about opting for that specific niche, then try playing around with logos, colors, imagery, etc.

The ultimate goal is to ensure that your viewers eventually associate those things with you. Know that the best way is to find something you love and go with it. But try to be unique as well as relatable. Most viewers on a twitch stream.

Join A Good Twitch Team

If you are looking to grow, then join a team that’s in line with your values ​​regarding growth and popularity. But what’s more necessary is that they should want to work together so that everyone in the team can grow.

However, don’t jump in and start applying from the get-go. First, create your channel and set it up correctly so that it looks amazing. Also, stream consistently and create a good schedule. Make sure that your channel is entertaining and different too.

Also, make sure that your video and audio is on point. Know that the market is tough. So if you want to get into a team you have to show others that you are an asset and a brand that can be expanded upon.

Host giveaway

Hosting giveaways might seem like a bad plan if you are thinking of long-term growth. But if you can market it correctly, then you might be able to leverage it to get new followers.

For example, you can utilize Gleam (a program) to grow your channel. For this, you need to decide on any giveaway and then set up your Gleam campaign.

This will let people earn points by completing different actions. Like, a Twitter follow will give them a point or such. So, each such point will inch them closer to the prize giveaway.

This will allow others who don’t follow or watch your streams to know about it and participate in it. Now, many will leave after the whole thing ends. But more importantly, some will still stay.

Co-Streaming Will Help You 

Another way to get most viewers on a Twitch stream is by finding other broadcasters with about the same viewership, follower, and subscriber base as you. Then ask them about collaboration.

If the other person agrees, then you guys can play together or carry out a few challenges even against one another. Also, do make sure that you collaborate with streamers who make the same content. Most viewers on a twitch stream.

most viewers on a twitch stream

However, there’s a little preparation you need to make before going into co-streaming. Mainly you need to let your new viewers know about the streams. You can do this with the help of a chatbot.

Just set it up so that it tells new viewers about the broadcast and how they can view both all at once by using any third-party app.

So don’t worry; the views from the third-party app will get counted. This method can help you gain potential new viewers and followers. Here’s a little tip: choose streamers who broadcast at slightly separate times. This will allow you to raid the other occasionally.

It isn’t easy to reach the list of top 10 Twitch streams with the highest number of viewers. But it isn’t difficult either if you dedicate yourself to your channel. As said above, work on the branding on your channel and try to stream consistently. This will allow your channel to grow.


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