Twitch has witnessed a significant surge in users over the last few years, on the viewer as well as creative sides. Several streamers have started boosting their channels to incredible heights and gaining lots of new viewers or followers while significantly boosting the amount of time they have spent streaming. But who are the top streamers twitch right now?

On Twitch, anyone may create their content, allowing the network to have millions of distinct channels tailored to an infinite amount of styles and tastes. Many individuals, as well as platforms, have attempted to oppose Twitch, but nearly all of them have fallen short since it has transformed into a global streaming centre, making it practically hard for any newcomer to threaten its dominion.

Top Streamers Twitch 

Top streamers on Twitch 

Though there are innumerable different channels on Twitch, some stand out from the crowd due to the material they produce and the number of viewers they attract. These two factors influence how much a person can make from streaming, and the stats are compelling enough to persuade anyone to give it a try.

The streamers listed below are at the top streamers on Twitch, residing at the peak, and they frequently earn quite a good amount of donations. Given the variety of elements that contribute to a streamer’s income, it’s difficult to reduce it to a single figure.

  1. xQc

With Shroud and Ninja, both, leaving Twitch in the year 2019, the platform’s popularity crown was up for grabs. Since his time as a professional Overwatch player, XQc has been broadcasting on Twitch since 2017 and always had a sizable fan base.

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With the success of Among Us and the release of Fall Guys, xQc’s mean viewership skyrocketed from 20,000 to over 50,000.

  1. Summit1g

Summit1channel g’s may be older than Twitch itself. The seasoned streamer has been active even before streaming was recognized as a legitimate source of income. Summit, a former Counter-Strike player, naturally gravitates toward shooter games and battle royale video games, but he isn’t afraid to test out new titles when they become available. Summit strives to be the finest in any game he tries out from the start, whether it’s Pokémon Go or a new release.

His competitive temperament and entertaining demeanor propelled him to the top of the platform’s list of most prominent and steady streamers. Summit has earned over $5,847,541 through Twitch over the last three years, and it appears that he has only room to grow.

  1. TFue

Tfue is a well-known player in battle royale games. Tfue’s experience began with Fortnite, but he also experimented with other games such as Warzone. His meteoric ascension to become one of Twitch’s most popular streamers, on the other hand, was no accident. When it comes to battle royale and shooter games, he’s highly gifted, and fans appreciate watching good players.

Tfue’s competitive gaming adventure even got him to the Fortnite World Cup, but after the match in 2019, he shifted his concentration to streaming. Given how intense Fortnite can be at the highest levels, broadcasting can be a more consistent source of cash for players. Tfue earned $5,295,582 on Twitch in the previous three years through a blend of subs, ad money, and other sources.

  1. Ninja

Ninja is the most recognized professional gamer on Twitch, having roughly twice the number of Twitch followers as the second-most popular streamer. While his rise to fame is directly linked to “Fortnite,” he has been competing in various first-person shooters for over a decade.

Ninja reportedly received $1 million for playing “Apex Legends” on its opening day, demonstrating how significant Twitch streamers have grown in the video game business.

Even though his departure from Twitch was an abrupt decision, it did not affect his viewership to that extent.

  1. Shroud

Shroud is one of the leading Twitch streamers in terms of popularity. He is well-known for live-streaming his Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 gameplay. Shroud broadcasts videos from a variety of other games, including Fortnite, Lord of the Rings, Realm Royale, and Fallout 76. Every week, he streams for 60 hours.

Michael Grzesiek’s name sounds Polish because of is half Canadian and half polish descent. After a successful run in CS: GOesports, he quit Cloud9 in the year 2018 and crushed Twitch’s metrics. He received another 14,000 subs in less than a day after surpassing 100,000.

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When the #1 streamer departed for Microsoft’s Mixer, he assumed he had Twitch all to himself, but he had no idea what offer was waiting for him. We still don’t know, but the point is that he relocated as well. Shroud teamed with Facebook Gaming upon receiving an even greater offer he couldn’t resist. But, in the end, Twitch triumphed, and he now solely streams on the platform.

To sum up

Gaming and streaming are an unrivaled mix for an age unrivaled. Broadcasting oneself while playing your preferred video game or merely sharing aspects of your everyday life on film has not only developed into a profitable company, but it is also now a part of the mainstream.

Top Streamers Twitch

There’s the good stuff, the routine stuff, plus some disputes and drama thrown in for good measure. When it pertains to determining the most popular Twitch streamers, it all comes down to statistics.

However, understand that the above list does not have any such order that relays their ranking as per their popularity. They are the top streamers on Twitch as of now. But the list is always subject to changes in their career and the times.