Ads are the biggest turn-off of internet-based activities including playing games, watching movies, streaming songs, etc. There is hardly any platform on the internet that allows you to avail an Ad-free service. However, you can switch to the premium version of that particular platform to avoid unnecessary ads from popping up. 

Twitch is no exception and users of this platform also have to come across several ads when they are streaming their desired game. These ads can be frustrating at times as they can cause severe distraction and leads you to lose the flow. There are many Twitch Adblock options you can use to stop these ads from showing up. This post will take you through some effective ways by which you can block unwanted ads on Twitch. 

The Twitch platform comprises several ads which often disturb your streaming experience. If you have watched a live stream ever on this platform, you must have known how disturbing these ads are if they appear before or during an ongoing stream. There are two categories into which Twitch ads can be divided: Static or on-page advertisements which appear all across the website. Other video ads run in or before a Livestream and are often known as mid-roll or pre-roll ads. 

The most effective method to block ads on Twitch is subscribing to an ad-blocker service. Since there are many free-of-cost options you can avail of on the internet, Twitch is updating constantly the ad-block system. This simply means that the free third-party extensions break often as they are not updated always, just like well-known tools. 

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What are the various methods of Ad-block?

Twitch Adblock

For blocking Twitch Ads, there are a lot of methods including the ones mentioned below: 

  1. Installing Ad-block Extension
  2. Using VPN
  3. Watching multistream 
  4. Subscribing to the Channel 
  5. Using Twitch Turbo 

What to do if your Ad-block doesn’t work on Twitch? 

If you are thinking about how can you ads on Twitch when your ad blocker app doesn’t work, here are some other things you can try: 

  • Use another well-known alternative. Several Ad-block programs work on several platforms and not just Twitch. It can be also availed for Android, Windows, IOS, and macOS.
  • Ensure that your program is updated and working properly. If you’ve disabled the ad blocker recently on any other website, you can change the settings for everything. 
  • Try another Ad blocker. There are many such apps in the market, and though all might not erase all Ads on Twitch, some of them might. 
  • Try another browser. Try downloading the extension on some other browser and then watch Twitch. Some browsers also have an in-built ad blocker. 
  • If you watch VODs, start reporting all ads as you come across them. Please give the reason that they are very loud and repetitive. This will help you in disabling the ads for some time. 
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Use VPN to block ads on Twitch 

Twitch Adblock

A VPN will not just increase your online security but will also help you avoid unnecessary ads on Twitch. The main aim is to run VPN via any country that doesn’t allow ads to pop up. Though ads on Twitch may start to play in a few countries at a particular time, you can usually avoid them by running your VPN across any East European country with non-native English. The only drawback of this is that you might come across lags.

Though, there are a lot of VPNs available in the market, choosing the best one for your needs can be quite a job for you. It would help if you looked for a VPN with reliable providers and other essential features. There are many other features you should consider while choosing a VPN of which the most important one is checking out the speed of the VPN. 

VPN is also known as Virtual Private Network and it enables you to change the location by getting connected to another server in any country, giving you an alternate IP address. The advertising policy of Twitch varies from one country to another with a few locations where all kinds of ads are omitted. 

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With the use of a VPN, the IP location can be changed to any one of those countries and block the Twitch ads. You’ll come across many tabs of recommendations based on the country in which you are connected but you can still watch these live streams from any part of the world. Your stream may also buffer at times when you connect it to any server at a distance from the location where you live; however, this is mostly experienced only when you load the first Livestream. 

They also offer many extra benefits like high security and privacy when you browse it online. This is the best way you can use to block ads on Twitch, but it also needs a nominal subscription charge. You must choose a top-rated VPN with the required server coverage and increase the speed to block Twitch ads reliably without having to compromise the quality of the stream. 

This is all about using Twitch AdBlock. There are many other ways by which you can block ads on Twitch. However, it is always recommended that you choose the safest and most reliable method of ad blocking to keep yourself secure on Twitch.