The twitch chatbots are a kind of software that helps the streamers to manage various tasks. If you are new to streaming and hence unaware of what the twitch chatbots are all about and how to set them up then, you are probably at the very right place.

The post below will be shedding some light on what chatbots are and how to set them up. It will as well be touching upon why exactly the streamer use the twitch chatbots while streaming and how it helps them.

What do you mean by Chatbots?

Well, if you are here to understand what twitch chatbots are and how they are used then, we have you covered. Before jumping on to understand the whole process of using the twitch chatbots, you should know what the twitch chatbots are in general.

To get things straight and not beat around the bush, the chatbots refer to the software that helps to moderate the whole streaming process on the twitch application. The chatbots as you can understand is software that helps to connect with the audience and by responding to the comments.

twitch chatbots

Most of the streamers do make use of the twitch chatbots software to make the communication with the followers and subscribers more professional. You can indeed decide the way this software will work.

The chatbots on twitch do not just help in replying to all the comments but also help in carrying out other tasks including notifications, moderators, and reminders. With the aid of the chatbots, you will be able to concentrate on your gameplay and hence will be further able to attract maximum viewers.

Just like the moderator, the chatbots also help you to remove all the abusive, pornographic, and inappropriate content from the chats. Now that you have a clear picture of what the twitch chatbots are all about, you would want to know how to use them. The next section will be explaining the process in a detailed manner. Hence, continue reading the post for understanding the process.

How do you use the Twitch Chatbots?

We assume you are now clear about what the twitch chatbots refer to, let us focus on how to use the twitch chatbots. The process to use the chatbots on twitch is completely effortless and straightforward. You need not have to follow the complicated steps to be able to use the twitch chatbots.

If you are new then, we have here enlisted for you the whole process in a detailed manner with simple language. All the steps you will need to carry out to use the twitch chatbots for easier broadcasting have been highlighted below for your reference.

  • Before all else, you need to have an account on twitch to be able to proceed further. Open up your account by typing in your credentials.
  • You need to then, download as well as install the software on your device if you wish to make your streaming much easier and effortless.
  • You will further have to install using the package manager tmi.js on a command line. After you do this, you will be required to proceed further to set up the twitch chatbots.
  • Then, replace the 3 environmental variables in the bt.js with obtained values.
  • As you are done replacing, you will have to run the bot.js using the node locally.
  • The final step will be to connect the bot with the twitch. Once connected, the chatbots will function with all the above-mentioned features.

These were the steps that one has to follow to be able to set up the chatbots on twitch. As stated earlier, the twitch chatbots are extremely beneficial as it helps to control and manage the whole streaming work. Let us now proceed further towards the next section to understand the reasons why setting up the twitch chatbots is essential.

Why use the twitch chatbots?

Well, as you are aware of the process of setting up the twitch chatbots, you might be wondering why to use the twitch chatbots at all. To get things straight, there are multiple reasons why one should use chatbots. Some of these features of the twitch chatbots have been enlisted below to give you clarity on why they are used and should be used.

Twitch chatbots

  • In the start, the twitch chatbots help to moderate while you are streaming the gameplay on twitch.
  • Additionally, the chatbots can also be customized based on your commands. You can hence prepare a customized answer to the most frequently asked question or statements.
  • Spam removal is another task that the twitch chatbots perform to help you concentrate on your game.
  • You will as well be able to customize your donation page as per your requirement and preference.
  • Furthermore, you will be able to set notifications and reminders so that you can manage all your work properly.
  • Interestingly, this software also helps to develop a form of currency that can be exclusively used in the games.

These were a few of the features of twitch chatbots. It is because of these features that the streamers make use of the twitch chatbots software.

The twitch chatbots help the streamer not only manage the chatbox as the name suggests but also help in managing various other tasks. This software helps the streamer to set the notifications and perform various other tasks. To learn more about the twitch chatbots, it is strongly suggested to set up the twitch chatbots on your account.

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