What does pog mean on twitch? If this acronym doesn’t sound familiar to you then need not have to worry. Read below and get to know about it and also about the other details such as its origin and the usage.

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What does pog mean on twitch? (2022)

If you have been on twitch for some time now then there is every possibility of you coming across some terms or phrases whose meanings you are not sure of. One such popular word on twitch and also on a few other gaming platforms is, POG, or even sometimes been referred to as POGGERS also. What Does Pog Mean on Twitch? (2022).

Meaning of POG

The acronym for POG jargon stands for, Play Of the Game. This term is basically used by the gamers and refers to expressing after something exciting, incredible, or epic thing that has taken place.

Who is a POGChamp?

Although the twitch community heavily uses the jargon POG it is uncertain how it has ended up becoming one of the most popular phrases that are used on twitch. Though there happens to be some information that the POGChamp emote has a role to play in the popularity of this jargon.

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What Does Pog Mean on Twitch? (2022)

About POGChamp

The emote of POGChamp is often used by viewers in the expression of surprise, to hype a channel, or even excitement. Twitch uses it with the picture of a komodo dragon that holds an expression signifying surprise.  People who have spent some time here on this platform are familiar with being spammed by this surprising dragon face, whenever some excitement hypes around during streaming. Suppose during a live streaming game, if a gamer makes a shocking move and steers off to a victory, the entire crowd keeps filling up the streaming with the dragon face lauding the victory. What Does Pog Mean on Twitch? (2022).

How using the komodo dragon originated

The original face that was used as the emoting of POGChamp was a photograph of Ryan Gutierrez, also known by the name Gootecks, whose face having an open mouth, had held an expression of surprise. The photograph actually got accidentally clicked while he was on a film set and was shocked when his cameraman got knocked over a tripod, making him give this natural shocking expression.

But there were comments and harassment on that expression to streamers who were featured as the face of champions. In fact, it had also appeared on Better Twitch TV. All those comments had led to violence, which was followed by Capitol Riots. So, the twitch community voted over a new face and this was how the Komodo dragon has a similar facial expression was chosen and had replaced the previous picture. This became the appropriate emote of shock, hype, and excitement.

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What Does Pog Mean on Twitch? (2022)

Access to the emote

All the member on twitch has the access to the komodo dragon emote and are also able to use it for free within the channel where they have been given permission to chat. Though there are some emotes too which you shall be able to use only after you become a subscriber and there are some too that need to be earned. The emote of POGChamp is free and you shall be able to use it the moment you create an account. What Does Pog Mean on Twitch? (2022).

The rule regarding using all the emotes is that you shall be able to use them only in channels that gave you permission to chat. Anyone who has been banned or has been timed out shall not be able to use them. In addition to that, if any channel happens to be in follower or subscriber mode and you happen to be belonging to neither of the options. Streamers usually do this in order to avoid, spam, bots, and trolls.

The way to use it

In order to use this facility, you got to type PogChamp in the chat and then press enter in order to use it. You must also note to use the letter P and the letter C in the word PogChamp in order to use this emote. Unless you write the way, it has been mentioned, you shall not be able to use it. There is another option to it as well. In the emote menu search PogChamp.

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When to use

The best time for using this emote is when on twitch or on any other gaming platform a hype has been created. If you find people shocked, surprised, or excited around any gaming platform, it is best to use this emote then. What Does Pog Mean on Twitch? (2022).

Lesser-known information

The word PogChamp has got its name from a video that was uploaded during the year 2011 that featured Ross and Gutierrez. It was for a promotional video by the name of Pogs Championship, for a brand of joystick named MadCatz. The two of them were seen playing the disk-flipping game called Pogs, which used to be very popular during the 1990s. At the end of the game, it was Gutierrez who had won and was seen dropping the joystick on the Pogs stack as he became the Pog champion.

Since then, PogChamp has been associated with this gaming culture on twitch and the users have adopted using it on this platform. This emote has become a symbol of excitement and hype and has been used as a emote to express the same too.