Twitch began as an outgrowth of Justin. tv and was designed to stream video games. Twitch expanded its categories, including a Just Chatting category, as the industry evolved. During that time, there was an inflow of “hot girls” who rose to prominence on Twitch and were dubbed “Twitch Thots.”

So then, who or what are these Twitch thots exactly? Are they disturbing? If they are not playing any major part in the streaming community that Twitch has developed in recent years, then why is Twitch not banning them?

You can find the answers to all your questions just a few scrolls down. So, keep reading.

Who are labeled as Twitch thots?

who is a twitch thot

What is a twitch exactly? Why are they labeled so? Here is the answer you are looking for.

The term “thot” was introduced to the urban dictionary in 2012 as an anagram of “that ho over there,” and it is used as slang to indicate a person who is behaving “sexually promiscuous.” A Twitch thot is a female who dresses up or behaves provocatively on the Twitch network to attract attention and donations to their channel.

The word has been used to harass numerous female broadcasters, particularly those who are beautiful and have a significant Twitch audience. Many “hot tub streamers” have been dubbed under this term as well.

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While many have come and gone, two streamers are commonly mentioned when the word “Twitch Thot” is used: Alinity and Amouranth. These two well-known ladies have been accused of violating Twitch’s regulations, notably the restrictions regarding sexual material.

Why are Twitch thots such a big deal?

Now that you know what is a twitch thot, you are probably wondering why are they such a big deal in a gaming community.

While the saying “sex sells” has been overused, it remains accurate. Twitch issued a few statistics in 2017, one of which claimed that the majority of the Twitch community members were men (81.5 percent). You would probably be aware that most guys like gazing at gorgeous women.

In a market dominated by men, it is more difficult for a woman to be recognized as a viable streamer in her own right. Even women who don’t go out of their way to “show skin” might be classified as a Twitch Thot if they build an audience. It is important to remember that naming anybody or anything is harmful since it makes it easy for others to bully and label people.

Is it the fault of thirsty viewers? Absolutely! While it’s easy to blame “attention-seeking behavior” on female streamers, the obvious reality is that this type of behavior is promoted by a large number of male viewers, who account for more than 80% of the platform’s user population.

Pokimane is a prominent Twitch broadcaster who follows Twitch’s TOS and creates entertainment suitable for all ages. Despite this, trolls regularly visit her broadcast, spamming “Thicc.”

Why does Twitch not ban Twitch thots?

who is a twitch thot

Women who dress seductively on Twitch aren’t breaking any regulations most of the time because Twitch has a rather permissive dress code. While they may be dressed in such a way to attract viewers, it is not against the Terms of Service. If they cross the threshold into provocative behavior, they are infringing the rules and may be removed.

While Twitch may ban a woman for acting provocatively, especially if she flashed somebody or used her cellphone as a sex toy, almost all of the time such bans are brief and the account is returned. Certain interviews and reports suggest that Twitch will probably use any reason to enable these ladies to continue broadcasting, irrespective of how other streamers feel about it. Many people have spoken out about it, and some are growing enraged and upset.

Historically, there appeared to be a large number of “untouchable” Twitch streamers — both male and female. While the rest of Twitch seemed to recognize this fact, the corporation itself did not appear to want to handle it with honesty or integrity.

However, in June 2020, the business began to treat sexual harassment claims seriously, and some notable Twitch streamers were removed. In terms of “untouchable” streams, Twitch removed the extremely popular DrDisrespect from their site, even though it is still unknown why he was banned.

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Is the existence of Twitch thots problematic for other female streamers too?

Female streamers who wish to expand their channels organically frequently complain about being harassed for not revealing skin. Viewers will enter their channel and call them thots or other insults, or they will presume they are there to get viewers to join their Snapchat, Instagram, or private accounts.

You don’t have to do anything that makes you uncomfortable just because you’re a female streamer. You may establish an audience that appreciates you for your personality and content if you are entertaining and improve your gaming abilities.

Find a technique to construct your channel the way you want it to be constructed. Your brand is yours to create, and you get to select whatever elements of yourself to put in it.

While there have been various scandals regarding women who stream provocatively on Twitch, it is solely up to you as to whether or not you choose to watch or stream in that manner. Everyone deserves to be treated with dignity. If you don’t like what someone does, go on and find someone who does. In many circumstances, calling somebody out on stuff you don’t agree with will backfire. Don’t give them the attention they seek if you do not want them to have it.