Twitch Turbo and Prime gaming are not similar to one another. Let’s find out the difference between them both in the below post.

Twitch Turbo is the best way to prevent all the advertisements to obtain a completely ad-free experience. Similar to Twitch Turbo, Prime Gaming is as well a tool that helps to block all advertisements. If you wish to know what is twitch turbo and the difference between twitch turbo and prime gaming then, we have you covered.

The post below will be providing the details regarding what the twitch turbo is along with the list of benefits it offers. Keep reading the post below for your reference and clarity over the same

Know about Twitch Turbo and its benefits

What is Twitch Turbo? Twitch Turbo as you might understand is the only best way to prevent all the advertisements that pop up when you are streaming your gameplay on the site. It is a tool that helps to block all the advertisements including the pre-roll advertisement videos during the streaming period.

what is twitch turbo

The best part about Twitch Turbo is that it helps to stop the advertisement on not just single-channel videos but on all the streams including the streams that the individual has not subscribed to or followed.

If you are wondering that Twitch Turbo muesli helps to block the advertisements then you are probably wrong. Twitch Turbo as well provides the users with the additional ability to customize the color of the chat username.

The subscribers will obtain a special batch of the chat. Coming to the list of benefits that Twitch Turbo offers to the users, some of them have been enlisted below for your reference.

  • Every channel will be advertisement-free: As you might know, Twitch Turbo membership allows individuals to watch videos without advertisement of any kind including mid-roll pre-roll, or others. This feature helps you to have an enriching experience throughout.
  • Extension of the broadcast storage: The streamers will be able to save their videos on this platform for around 60 days. Earlier without the prime subscription, the users were able to save it only for 14 days but with the subscription, they will have a bit longer time for downloading.
  • Customer support on priority: The most important benefit of the turbo is that you will get answers to your queries at the earliest. The customer support you will be provided on priority allowing you to get your answers to your queries as soon as you post.
  • Custom color of chat username: In the final words, turbo users will be as well able to change the chat display name colors. This is going to help the prime users to differentiate between all the users chatting on the page.

These were some of the features of Twitch Turbo that you should be aware of. As you have understood what is Twitch Turbo, let us proceed further to understand what prime gaming is all about. The next section will be shedding some light on prime gaming and the list of benefits it offers to the users.

Know about Prime Gaming and its benefits

Prime Gaming is not completely different from Twitch Turbo but it is as well not completely similar to the latter either. In the case of Twitch Turbo, you can get the benefits like an advertisement-free experience and others. Prime gaming as well provides multiple benefits to the users to enhance the overall experience.

Here, you can add your Amazon account to Twitch to obtain the benefits. Are you excited to learn all the lucrative benefits you get from Prime Gaming? Below is the list of all the benefits to help you get a clear idea of ​​the entire process.

what is twitch turbo

  • At the outset, Prime Gaming also provides the users with a badge just like the Twitch Turbo. This will further help to enhance the overall experience while streaming on the site.
  • Additionally, one of the best benefits of Prime Gaming is that it allows the members to avail the features free of cost for the first month.
  • Moreover, the users are also allowed to change the username as per their desire anytime that they want.
  • Prime Gaming also allows the users to use a variety of emojis that makes the whole engagement with the community interesting.
  • Interestingly, Prime Gaming also allows the users to save the broadcast for around 60 days.

These are a few of the benefits of Prime Gaming that should be kept in mind. The mainline difference between Prime Gaming and Twitch Turbo is that in the case of Prime Gaming, the users will be connecting their prime account with the application. Now that you know what is Twitch Turbo and what is prime giving you will be able to decide which one to use while streaming on Twitch.

Twitch Turbo and Prime Gaming are in one way similar to one another but at the same time have a thin line of difference. One has to know the difference between these two to get the best results while broadcasting the gameplay over Twitch.

Go to the section above once again to clear all your doubts regarding what Twitch Turbo is and how it is different from Prime Gaming. Hopefully, the post above was able to explain the difference between both of these tools as well as the benefits that they offer to the players.

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