While streaming on Twitch, you might have faced lagging issues many times. Hence, this leads to the question of why is my Twitch stream lagging. Well, we will be getting things straight for you in the post below. The post below not just is covering on why you are facing such issues but also the ways you can fix each of these issues.

Therefore, if you are curious to know why you are not able to stream with lagging issues so Twitch then, keeps the ball rolling.

why is my twitch stream lagging

Why does your Twitch stream lag and how do you fix it?

Have you ever faced a stream lag while using the Twitch application? There might be many instances where you might have wondered why is my Twitch stream lagging. This is the most obvious and common question asked by most Twitch users.

Here in this section, we will be trying to cover up all your queries by enlisting all the major reasons why Twitch stream lags while you use the application. Hence, buckle up all the gamers out there who wish to learn why exactly the Twitch stream keeps lagging. Some of the reasons behind Twitch stream lagging have been highlighted below for your reference.

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Issues relating to computers

Here we begin our list with the issues relating to the computer system. If you are using your computer system to stream the gameplay of different games then, you might face stream lag if your computer is not powerful enough to support the functioning.

Many times, it is not just about how powerful your computer is, but rather how much pressure it has. There can be other reasons why your computer might not support the streaming on Twitch that including your hard disk. If the hard disk is not quite fast then, you might face some stream lag while you are streaming.

How do you fix it?

You can fix the computer-related issues by following some tips. A few of the ways you can fix this problem have been highlighted.

  • Remove all the background applications
  • Ensure to purchase fast storage drive
  • Try not to open multiple websites while streaming
  • Check if your computer supports the streaming process
  • Go through the hardware specification to be sure if it meets the requirements

These are the ways you can follow to fix all the computer-related issues on Twitch. Hopefully, this will mostly solve your query about why is my Twitch stream lagging. If you are still facing some issues then, keep reading.

  1. Issues about software

Another set of reasons behind the lagging on Twitch is related to your software. Many things have to keep in mind while streaming on Twitch or rather on any platform. If not taken care of then, it might lead to the problem of stream lagging.

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In the case of streaming, one has to ensure to make the correct settings. With incorrect settings, your streaming can become unstable leading to lagging issues. Additionally, selecting the wrong bitrate can also be a reason behind the problem you are facing. The most common interest issue is the selection of wrong frames and resolutions. In hope of getting a better quality of streaming, players generally keep high resolution which is the cause behind the lagging issues. 

How do you fix it?

Internet is one of the most common causes when streamer wonders why is my Twitch stream lagging. Here’s how you can fix the problem.

  • Need to set the right resolution as well as frame based on your internet capacity
  • Selecting the right bitrates is another way to fix the problem
  • Ensure to change the settings from the default

These are some ways that can help you fix the problem you face while streaming on Twitch through various platforms.

  1. Internet issues

Another most obvious reason behind the low latency is the internet connection. If you do not have a good internet connection then, you are about to face these problems. Streaming a video on Twitch will indeed require quite a good amount of internet with good speed and quality. Hence, the internet speed is one of the common issues that you should be looking at while having any stream lagging issues on Twitch. Let’s look at the ways you can fix internet-related issues.

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How do you fix it?

  • Ensure that you have a good internet connection that supports the streaming
  • Get a symmetrical connection to fix the internet issues
  • Use the software that reduces the ping

These are some ways to fix internet-related issues. Hopefully, this answers your query about why is my Twitch stream lagging. Remember to follow the tips in case you ever face the problems mentioned above in the post.

These were among a few of the reasons why you are facing any of the lagging issues on Twitch. Always remember to check your computer system and your internet connection before you plan to stream any gameplay on twitch.

why is my twitch stream lagging

At most crucial it is to have a good quality of all the pieces of equipment while streaming to be able to start the audience on twitch. Attracting the twitch audience is not just a simple thing. It will require all your efforts and time to be able to not just attract but retain the attention of the followers and subscribers.