Twitter is one of the most widely used social media platforms. It is a very fast-moving platform that is super easy to use. Undeniably, it is one such social media platform that allows you to grow from zero very easily. To know how do you get followers on Twitter read this post till the end as it will take you through the steps you need to follow:

How do you get followers on Twitter?

  1. Tweet regularly 

In comparison to the likes you can get on Instagram or Facebook, Twitter conventionally needs a more content strategy that is more aggressive. As per the research conducted, the topmost 25% of the highest performing accounts on this platform post content almost 12 times a week. That means two times every day.

Considering the quick movements of this platform, brands can always prefer to post more regularly and not be reserved.

How do you get followers on Twitter

The crucial thing here is not only promoting yourself and changing the kinds of content that are published by you. It is food that the opportunities for filling up the content calendar are limitless.

Tweets from those who follow you and belong to relevant industries, personal updates, breaking news, and stats have the potential to let your users know how active you are. You can also try quieting up content with the help of any scheduling software on social media.

  1. Use hashtags 

Hashtags are a very powerful method you can use to increase the searchability of your posts. It also served as a type of SEO for your account on Twitter. Just like pictures, Tweets that have a hashtag mostly get higher engagement than the ones which have no hashtag in them.

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Using a few hashtags to any particular tweet is the easiest way to increase the probability of your account being explored by new followers. Additionally, using hashtags doesn’t take a long tier and there are so many options to choose from.

  1. Create attractive profile 

Apart from the engagement and content strategies, there are some steps you should follow to increase the friendlier of your Twitter account. There are three steps you need to follow for optimizing your Twitter profile:

  • Taste of personality: You must give the audience a state of your personality if you want to attract followers organically.
  • Eye-catching profile picture: For personal accounts, this refers to a clean profile picture, or for brands, it can be a high-resolution brand symbol.
  • Related hashtags, location information, and industry keywords: In simple words, your profile must be complete by stating your job, your title and the companies you’re working with, and the industries you operate in.
  1. Take part in Twitter chats 

For Serviceh industries and communities, Twitter chats are the great best platform to show your skills and knowledge and make your account visible to new followers. Chats mostly occur every week and are indicated by a hashtag that is relevant to the topic of chat. If you become an active participant in the chat threads, you will become well-known in the chat and the community of your brand. Particularly for the new users, chats are the best way to increase your outreach than having a personal account.

  1. Engage with communities in your industry on Twitter 

This is the main example of how you can get more followers on Twitter with the use of hashtags. There are numerous communities you’ll find on Twitter that conduct through hashtags. Though a few of these communities are conducted by particular members, others are used by common tips and industries.

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Sharing active participation with these communities via sharing experiences and advice is a good way of introducing your account to all the new followers. Hashtag analytics also help in identifying the communities of your niche and which are related to your business. Similarly, you can also take a look at the bios of all big names and influencers in your industry to check the hashtag they use.

How do you get followers on Twitter

      6. Re-tweet, tag, and reply

You can get a large number of followers on Twitter in a very short period. It simply means that you get the best out of the time you’re spending on this platform. There is another option of scheduling tweets to increase engagement. However, you wouldn’t also want your Twitter account to appear like it is used by a Service. You must get in engagement with all your followers, industry leaders, and customers.

Engaging with users regularly can be done through replying, tagging, and retweeting as it can instantly allow the new followers to know that the account belongs to a human and your brand gets more attention. You can buy Twitter followers to get more attention and audience to your Tweet.

That’s all you need to know about how to get followers on TwitterThere are many other tips you can follow to grow your follower base but, these are the most effective ones. Having a large number of followers on Twitter can take your account a long way and can be beneficial for your brand as well.

If you want to increase the number of followers on your Twitter account so that it becomes much more engaging for those who already follow you and become more appealing to new followers

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