Twitter has been the most trusted social media site when it comes to ideating and building a community. It started as a micro-blogging site where you could tweet short statements. Soon, Twitter introduced a videos feature and the users liked it, a lot of Twitter users post videos along with their tweets. If you want to post a video on Twitter, you need to know How long can a Twitter video be so that you can make your videos within the limit. You also have a higher chance of getting more likes and replies on your tweets if you include videos in your tweets.

How long can a Twitter video be

Most of the video views are on mobile which proves how important it is to keep your Twitter content mobile-friendly. Posting videos on Twitter is a good way to engage with your audience and increase your Twitter followers. If you are using Twitter for business then you can engage with your customers more effectively. You can also create your hashtag and get more profile visits by sharing quality content. Posting frequently on Twitter is also key to increasing your credibility and increasing your engagement.

The format of your video for the webpage should be mp4 and for the mobile app should be MOV or mp4 files. The Twitter media studio is a platform that measures, manages, and monetizes videos on Twitter. This platform is specifically for users who are running ad campaigns for their business or personal branding. The media studio is versatile because it can allow you to use exclusive features to manage media for multiple users/Twitter accounts.

How Long Can A Twitter Video Be?

Initially twitter only allowed users to post videos that were only 30 seconds long. After some time the time limit of the videos was extended to 2 minutes and 40 seconds, until the date you can post videos that are 2 minutes and 40 seconds or 140 seconds long. When you are running a business or want to share important information or a creative project video, you are restricted by the time limit of Twitter to not exceed 140 seconds. You can break your video and post parts of your videos in a thread. Most people use this hack to share longer videos by dividing them into smaller videos and posting them in a thread.

Alternatively, you can also use the Twitter media studio platform to manage your videos on Twitter. You can use the thread method if you do not want to spend time using Twitter media studio. The studio is designed for businesses, brands, filmmakers, and influencers who advertise their products, services, provide information and share content in form of videos.

You can do much more with your media files like increasing their quality, changing thumbnails, titles, captions, etc., including GIFs, videos, and images. You can also save videos from Twitter easily by copying the URL of the video on Twitter that you want to download and pasting it on a third-party website. This will allow you to download the Twitter video easily without wasting any time.

How To Upload Longer Video On Twitter

How long can a Twitter video be

While using social media online, there are always hacks and alternatives that you can follow if you want to do something that is restricted. On Twitter, you can use the Twitter media studio platform to upload longer videos. Now that you have understood how long can a Twitter video be, you can follow the steps mentioned below to upload and tweet longer videos on Twitter with the help of the Twitter media studio platform?

Step 1 – Log In/Sign Up

You need to log in/sign up for tweeting anything on Twitter including tweeting videos. After logging in you will land on the home page, then you need to tap/click on the avatar of Twitter or the little blue bird logo of Twitter. Then you will be able to see a pop-up menu with options such as topics, moments, Twitter ads, analytics, media studio, settings and privacy, help center, and display. You need to tap/click on the Twitter ads option.

Step 2 – Twitter Ads

Twitter Ads asks for your credit card details but you do not have to worry, it does not charge you anything if you upload a video. Now you can head over to the Twitter media studio library.

Step 3 – Twitter Media Studio Library

Twitter media studio is a tool that helps users publish longer videos for their accounts, once you add your credit card details, you can access many more interesting features. On the top menu bar, you can tap/click the ‘creatives’ tab. Then select the ‘media’ option.

Step 4 – Browse through the media

You will see all the media files, photos, videos, GIFs, and you will also be able to upload new media to your Twitter account.

Step 5 – Upload Media

Then you need to tap/click on the upload media button and select the video from your device. You can select an mp4 or mov video of fewer than 1GB of 10 minutes duration. After you have selected the video, the upload will start automatically and you can see the progress of the upload in the media studio platform.

Step 6 – Edit

After upload, you can edit your video, set a thumbnail to it if you want, add subtitles, category, or a call to action button. The edits that you make to the video will be saved automatically in the media studio platform.

Step 7 – Write & Publish the tweet

You can publish your tweet from your media studio by tapping/clicking the ‘tweet’ button on the lower left side of the video. You can write the text of the tweet and click/tap on the tweet button to publish your video.

Step 8 – Schedule tweet

Alternatively, if you do not want to publish your tweet right away, you can also schedule the tweet after writing the tweet and select a time and date to publish the tweet. Then you can click/tap on the tweet button so the video will be published at your selected time and date.

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