Twitter can permanently suspend the accounts of many people for as long as they want. Suspension means that your profile will be erased from the public eye; until it is activated again. You can read the policy on Twitter to get a better understanding. To learn how long do twitter accounts get suspended for you need to read more? If you have blocked or reported someone on Twitter, then it is totally up to him or her for how long they will suspend an account. You must tread very carefully on social media platforms. We all know how dangerous social media can be if taken lightly.

Every photo, video, audio, or even a single word that is posted on social media will remain forever. It does not matter if you delete it or remove it, some person somewhere can recover it. Privacy has always been a matter of concern on social media and the internet. Therefore, to protect the interests of user platforms like Twitter has prepared a code of conduct.

how long do twitter accounts get suspended for

Losing a Twitter account forever can be a nightmare. Creating a backup of your data is recommended. You must never go beyond the rules of any social media platform if not there will be consequences. If you want to learn for how long do twitter accounts get suspended for then we will make a guess here based on the facts available.

How long does Twitter suspension last?

We know that it depends on what leads to suspension to decide the time of suspension. However, based on the facts given by Twitter, it is speculated that an average suspension is for about two days or forty-eight hours. Therefore, if you have been reported for a minor issue then, your account will remain suspended for about 48 hours. At the same time, it can be more than 48 hours if you have done something more important than spam behavior. Have you heard about the read-only mode on Twitter? It is also a type of suspension but in this, the account remains visible and activities are banned for about 12 hours to 7 days at most. The time limit will depend on the rules that you break. So, be very careful before troubling any other user. If you want to gain knowledge, about how long do twitter accounts get suspended then read more!

Before suspending any account, Twitter has to go through the complaint thoroughly. They will check your account, tweets, content, and mobile number, and then they will verify all the details. Once verification is made, they will deal with the issue. If the complaint is false and no issue is found then no suspension will be done. If something serious comes to the notice, then you may never get your account back.

how long do twitter accounts get suspended for

How to unsuspend my Twitter account?

You must know, how long do twitter accounts get suspended? to get them eased later on. You can get your account unsuspended in two ways. The ways are:

  • Verification– You can start a verification process for your account to get it unsuspended. It is the easiest and quickest mode to get your account unsuspended. But keep in mind that only minor issues can be dealt with by verification. To confirm your profile, you need to log in and if you see any issues that need verification then verify your account with your mobile number or email id. If you confirm these two things then most likely, your account will get recovered. But always remember that only minor issues will be solved, through verification.
  • Filing Appeal– It is a second way to get your account unsuspended. If verification would not work, filing an appeal for your account will do the trick, and foremost about this is the only thing which you can do is to get the account back. If you are 100% sure that the suspension was a mistake and you have not violated the terms of their conduct then; you can start an appeal to solve why your account got suspended. You can report on the link provided on Twitter. If twitter feels that your reason is justified then they will revert to you through email that they will look into the matter and later on respond that your account is unsuspended.

Create a new account

Once you have recovered the account, wait for a period of maybe 2 hours to get everything back to normal. Now, let us look at the negative side of filing an appeal. If Twitter is not satisfied with your reason then, they will not give your account back. However, if the suspension was temporary then, it may become permanent now. Apart from this, your account will be removed and deleted from Twitter, and you will not be allowed to create a new account. Therefore, you have to be sure that there was a mistake from twitter’s side before starting an appeal.

Suspension is a big issue. Twitter is very firm when it comes to removing users from its platform. Harmony is foremost in the real world, and in a virtual world apart there will be fights and chaos. Be careful what you tweet here and there. The suspension will damage the overall virtual identity of a person.

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