We are answering this question how many people blocked me on Twitter. It is difficult to know this on Twitter because it does not send you a message that you have been blocked by someone. So, if someone blocks you, it is possible you may not know until you may do some research. This guide can help you with this.

Utility of Twitter

More than 500 million tweets are posted on the platform of Twitter daily. More than 100 million users always remain active on the platform. It is a great medium to connect people both known and unknown. It can help you to build a network that you can call your own. It is a service that is used by marketers, companies, advertising agencies, governments, international organizations, etc. to communicate their messages to the public. One can communicate and interact with his or her targeted audience in personal ways. This has helped Twitter to emerge as the leading social media platform in the internet era.

How many people blocked me on twitter

Working of Twitter

Twitter allows its users to post their thoughts, comments, opinions, etc. in a lucid manner is not more than 140 words. These posts are known as tweets. These tweets can be seen only by those who choose to follow you. These tweets can also contain links to videos, music, articles, etc. Scrolling on the home page of your Twitter account, you can see what other people have posted. If you want others to follow you on Twitter, all you need is to run an influencer marketing campaign for your Twitter account. A digital marketing agency can help you with this.

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How many people blocked me on twitter

What happens when you block someone’s account or somebody else blocks your account?

Twitter gives you many controls on your feed. You can control who sees your posts on Twitter. One great feature of Twitter is that you can block people’s Twitter accounts. Once you do that, they will not be able to see your posts. Additionally, Twitter will allow you to tweet to that person or organization account which you have blocked. But it would not tell them that there are tweets pending for them to see. You can participate in conversations where your account and their account have been mentioned but neither of you will be able to read replies of each other.

Also, if they will tweet, you cannot see them under a particular hashtag. They would not be able to see any of the retweets that you may make with the help of Twitter. And of course, you cannot send messages directly to each other with the help of Twitter. This can be really frustrating to not know how many people blocked me on Twitter. But if you want to never get blocked by anyone, you would need some professional help. A social media management company can help you to publicize your account in such a way that everyone will love to have you on their connections list.

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A manual process

Twitter does not notify the person or the organization whose account has been blocked. If you are blocked on Twitter by someone then you will not be able to follow them. There are ways in which you can know how many people blocked me on Twitter. Since there is no notification like you are blocked by another person or organization on Twitter, you need to find it by yourself. No third-party apps or software can help you in your search. If you have been blocked by someone then you would not be able to see their account, contact them or follow them.

You would not also be able to see their tweets in your feed. If you suspect that someone has blocked you on Twitter, the first step is to open Twitter either on your computer or on your mobile phone. Search for the person in the search bar on Twitter. Go to their profile on Twitter and look for the message that “this user has blocked you”. But to know how many people blocked me on Twitter, you have to do some hard work. But if you have the right social media strategy, you will never get blocked on Twitter by anyone.

Who has blocked me on Twitter?

If suddenly one day, you find out that you are not able to see messages of people who you were following for quite some time, you can suspect that they may have blocked your account on Twitter. But you are not so sure. So what you can do is look for mutual contacts. These are those accounts that are followed by you as well as the account which has blocked you. You need to visit their profile and click on ‘Following’. This will provide you the number and list of accounts that account is following. Right-click on that webpage and save it as a complete webpage.

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Now you must open this webpage in a notepad. Here, you need to search for the keyword ‘blocks-you’. If you find this text in the code on a notepad, you can look for the Twitter username which is a few lines above this text ‘blocks-you’. If you find a username here, it is the one that has blocked you on Twitter. Keep on repeating this step for all the accounts that you think have blocked you. This is an onerous task but you need to do it if you want to know how many people blocked me on Twitter.