Getting blocked by someone is the worst possible thing that can happen to you. People not only block you from one but from all the platforms. . If you also want to know how many people have blocked me on Twitter then you are reading the right thing. There are so many fascinating platforms, for example, Twitter. One can do so many different things on Twitter. But getting blocked here is the most frustrating thing. In this article, you will see different methods to find out if you are being blocked by someone. Blocking a person from social media platforms is the last resort to cut off all sorts of communication with that person.


How Many People Have Blocked Me On Twitter

Once in a while, social media helps people to find their respective partners, closest best friends, and even crushes. People have put platforms like Twitter into multiple uses. We know Twitter is regarding the tweets and retweets. But you can also interact with an immense community of people and share your ideas and thoughts with them. Imagine that you are starting to find your crush, and then suddenly it seems that she has blocked you. Now, how do know how many people have been blocked me on Twitter? Do not worry because we know the answer, and will like to share it with you.

Twitter is one of the most used platforms and one of the most interactive ones. If somebody blocks you on Twitter, it becomes difficult to find out. People have thousands of connections and followers on this platform. Blocking one seems easy, on the other hand, difficult for blocked one to find out who blocked him.

What is blocking on Twitter?

On Twitter, the concept of blocking is a little different from other social media. Let us see how blocking works on Facebook. Therefore, if a person blocks you, let’s say on Facebook, you will not be able to mention him anywhere again. Nevertheless, on Twitter, the scene is different. Here, the person you block will still be able to tweet about you, but you will not be notified, that there are pending tweets on you.

The person blocking will not be able to see the tweets from the blocked person though there will be many occasions on which Serviceh the parties will be able to communicate with each other. If there are any common communities or any groups or tweets where Serviceh parties are mentioned, communication between the two can take place.

Of course, none of the parties will be able to see the replies, but communication can take place irrespective of it. No hashtags will work. They will not be able to see your retweets ever. Direct messaging will not be allowed. These are the consequences of getting blocked and blocking someone on Twitter. If you want to know how many people have blocked me on Twitter then let us see now. Twitter will not erase that person from your virtual life, rather it will ensure that you do not come face to face with him.

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Will I get notified if someone blocks me?

How Many People Have Blocked Me On Twitter

No, if a person blocks you on Twitter you will not get any notification. Blocking on Twitter is a very sneaky topic. If someone decides to block you and cut off all your activities then you won’t even get a notification from Twitter. It is up to you if you want to find out about it. If you can figure it out then it is great, otherwise, the chapter is closed.

How to know if somebody has blocked you?

Now comes the main question. How to figure out who has blocked you? Look for the signs. Suppose any account that was very active before has limited the outreach with you. Or he is not responding to your tweets. Maybe he is not very actively tagging you or retweeting. Maybe he is not responding to any of your activities.

Then we feel it is time to make the choice and go to their profile. You have to check their profile to see if you are blocked or not. On their profile, if you see a message- User has blocked you on Twitter then you have your answer. If no such thing is written then maybe they have taken a break from Twitter or are not interested in talking to you.

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If you want to know how many people have blocked me on Twitter then always understand that Twitter is a normal and subtle app. You will never get any notification or even a hint when people block you on Twitter. There will be no intimation from Twitter. You are on your own how to find out. Many third-party applications offer services of telling you who has blocked you.

Twitter will never give a list to you. Therefore, you have to use other applications to find out who has blocked you. Maybe they will provide you with a list. You can also approach a common friend on Twitter and he can tell you if you are blocked. You can also ask the person through other platforms. If he or she is willing to talk to you maybe you can convince them to unblock you. Therefore, it is very important to say honest and truthful in the virtual world as well to avoid any complications.


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