Before Tweeting, it is important to know how many words are allowed in a Tweet to edit the Tweet accordingly.

If you are all set to Tweet, you should first know how many words are allowed in a Tweet to cut short the information that you want to Tweet. Twitter is one of the most interactive and unique social platforms. 

What makes Twitter unique from other social media sites? One cannot post huge and lengthy content on Twitter. Twitter entertains only short and crisp content, which is shared via Tweets. You can buy Twitter followers to make your Tweet reach a lot of people. 

While most love this feature, some also hate this feature as they cannot put every ounce of information into a single Tweet. But, the core of Twitter itself is a Tweet with word and character limitations. Therefore, it is mandatory to know how many words or characters are allowed in a Tweet. 

how many words are allowed in a Tweet

This will help people plan the Tweet as per character limitations. Character/word limits in Twitter are something that will never be changed. So, users have to adapt to tell info most shortly. 

How many characters can a Tweet contain?

A Tweet can contain up to 280 characters. Does it include space? Well, yes. Including space, a Tweet can be up to 280 characters in 2022. Earlier, the character limit was lower than 280. Recently, Twitter introduced an updated and increased the character limit to 280. 

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Spaces are important for a sentence to make sense. Without proper spaces, the readability of the sentence will be bad. We think 280 characters are sufficient to convey a matter. In case, if you think you need more characters to add more info/opinions, you can add another Tweet with the first Tweet. You can keep adding Tweets as a ‘thread’. This is called a Tweet thread. 

A Tweet thread will contain a series of Tweets. So, if a Twitter user wants to convey a huge matter through Tweets, he/she can use the Twitter thread option

How do I use the Twitter thread?

If you feel 280 characters are not enough to convey your message, you can use the Twitter thread to publish more info. If you are not sure how to use the Twitter thread feature, follow the below steps:

  • STEP 1 – Go to Twitter and compose a Tweet. 
  • STEP 2 – Once you have finished typing your Tweet, click the + button. 
  • STEP 3 – You will see another Twitter text box window popping up. You can type the continuation of your first Tweet here. 
  • STEP 4 – Similarly, if you want to continue adding more words, press the + button in the second Tweet box now. You can keep repeating this until you have done adding info. 
  • STEP 5 – Once you have typed all the Tweets, publish them by clicking the Tweet all button. 

Note: You can also add a new Tweet to your existing Tweet by going to your Tweet and pressing the comment icon. You will see the ‘Add another Tweet’ window popping up. Type your Tweet here and publish it. 

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The Twitter thread feature will satisfy those users who are unhappy with Twitter’s 280 characters’ word limit. Through the Twitter thread, you can keep adding more info to a Tweet. Your followers will be able to read all the Tweets as a thread. 

how many words are allowed in a Tweet

Your followers need to press the ‘Show this thread’ button on your Tweet to view all the Tweets, as only one Tweet will appear on the homepage and profile. Once they click the ‘Show this thread’ button, they can read all the Tweets in that series.   

Why does Twitter have a word limit? Benefits of Twitter’s word limit to marketers

Just like the famous line “Less is more”, Twitter’s less is more for marketers and digital marketing professionals. Here are some of the benefits that marketers enjoy through Twitter’s word limit. 

  • FAST RESPONSE TO CURRENT TRENDS: Marketers and Digital Marketing professionals can track current trending topics and respond quickly shortly and crisply through Tweets. They don’t have to plan the content and put in so much hard work for bigger articles and informational pieces. 
  • INCREASED ENGAGEMENT: Short and precise content will easily attract people as they don’t have to read a large piece of information. A Tweet can be read within a few seconds and responded to. Therefore, Tweets have a large engagement rate. Small contents always have a better reach compared to large content, as people in the current fast-moving world rarely have time and patience to read several paragraphs.
  • IMPLEMENTING DIFFERENT STRATEGIES: With Twitter, marketers can explore different content strategies. In 2-3 lines they can spread brand awareness by posting unique and engaging content. As Facebook allows you to post bigger content, marketers will use a new strategy for Twitter.  
  • MORE VALUE TO EACH WORD: As everything needs to be conveyed in the shortest way possible in a Tweet, the value given to each word is paramount. Marketers should be right on point and accurately convey information to the audience. This will allow Tweets to be more effective and on point without any unwanted info.
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We believe you are now clear about how many words are allowed in a Tweet. Also, you might have understood how twitter’s word limitation has a lot of advantages. The word limit also comes with a huge disadvantage as too many Tweets sometimes become indigestible and too much to take.