Similar to every social media platform Twitter also needs maintenance of the profile or account. It implies, that Twitter is a digital platform filled with regular updates in the feed, but this sometimes slows down the working speed, and then you will ask for- How to clean up your Twitter account?

How to clean up your Twitter Account

Why clean up your Twitter account?

As it is known, Twitter is a social media application or platform known for its popular tweets from the profiles and regular updates; all these comprise the web engagement on the platform. Trends going on Twitter are also a major reason behind the huge interest of the audience towards Twitter.

This content leads to filling up the feed, and sometimes it results in slowing down the working speed of the Twitter application. Also, sometimes some unnecessary data is stored in the account, which requires cleaning, and for a properly working regular update in the version is also important. Using various tools, any individual can adjust the settings on their Twitter profile, such as blocking, unfollowing, or keeping on mute some accounts that are unnecessary for them. This is why; cleaning of Twitter account is helpful.

How to clean up your Twitter Account

Here is a simple procedure for – How to clean up your Twitter Account?

  1. First of all, move to the Settings and Privacy menu.

Here, there are various options such as downloading the archive, deactivating the account, etc. But for the cleaning purpose, one has to adjust the settings to the way they want their account to work. Adjusting the settings like email address, phone number, password, and notification settings attached to the profile, is to manage account security.

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  1. Click on Profile and then select the Edit profile option.

This is to adjust the profile information like name, bio, birth date, profile picture, etc.

After the profile and account security adjustments are made, now move ahead to cleaning up to Twitter feed.

Cleaning up the Twitter feed means cleaning the unnecessary updates being loaded over the Twitter feed such as keeping a watch over the following accounts of your profile. As it happens, once you follow an account as per your interest but gradually there is a loss of interest in the tweets, but still that particular account is in the following and this happens multiple times, and a bunch of such accounts gather in the Twitter feed. Removing such accounts from the Twitter feed is a task to ensure the number of accounts you follow which are present in the Twitter feed are of your relevant interests. This cleaning task, if performed in regular intervals helps in the maintenance of the Twitter account.

Procedure for Cleaning Twitter feed-

  1. Log in to your Twitter account.
  2. Click on your profile pic icon.
  3. See the number next to the following and the other next to followers, for this section of the cleaning process, click on the following option.
  4. Now, the list of the number of following accounts of your profile (accounts which you follow) in order with the recent followings on the top position of the list. How to Clean Up Your Twitter Account?
  5. Scroll down the list, and check the accounts which you actively follow, but if you find some accounts which now you consider in which you lost your interest in their content, then Unfollow such accounts from your profile.
  6. To Unfollow the accounts, either click on the following and Unfollow option appears, select it or proceed towards the profile icon, and select the three dots menu, here you will find the option to mute the account. How to Clean Up Your Twitter Account.
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The mute option for Twitter account works as if any account has been muted by your profile, it implies tweets from that account will not be seen by you but that account would still be existing in your following list, it is a preferable option as it prevents offending the account from getting unfollowed by your account.

  1. The next task in cleaning up the feed is the “Turn off Retweet” option, if you apply this option on any of the accounts then this option will enable you to see only the original tweets from that account.

Now, the next task is cleaning up your Twitter followers. These cleaning tasks are very helpful in social media management plans and they help to enhance the potential of the Twitter profile that encourages the profile to reach more people on Twitter.

It is a very important responsibility while working on Twitter, to keep a check on the list of followers’ accounts that are joined to your profile, to prevent the bunch of non-followers piling to your profile and tweets.

For this, the best option is to “Protect Your Tweets” apply to your profile, through this option your Twitter profile will run on private account mode, which implies only your followers can view your tweets, even there will be following requests sent to you by the people to approve so that they can follow you. This will enable the follower list of your profile to be set as per your approval, which means only the people you approve to follow you will follow your account. How to Clean Up Your Twitter Account?

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Procedure to make your Twitter profile run on Private mode-

  1. Log in to your Twitter account.
  2. Then, click on the Settings and Privacy option.
  3. Select the Privacy and Safety option.
  4. Then, click on the option- Protect
  5. Move across the slider here and there, thus, your account will be moved to private mode.
  6. Another, next option to prevent some particular accounts which you don’t want to allow to follow you is by blocking that account, after which that account cannot see tweets posted by your account.

Above mentioned measures are guides for how to clean up your Twitter account?

In this manner, by adjusting some settings of your Twitter account any individual can improve the outlook of their profile and manage their Twitter account and this can help to captivate digital marketing strategies towards your Twitter profile and many plans for social media advertising digital marketing trends.