Twitter is one of the most widely used social media websites. It has the potential to create influence as well as help you to become a sensation overnight. But sometimes, it has the potential to create a lot of trouble. This guide to how to clear Twitter history can help you to make your life a little more peaceful.

Why Twitter is used?

Twitter has millions of users on its platform. One tweet has the potential to create Serviceh positive and negative differences in how we look at the world. Many recent social, political, economic, and environmental developments have come about in this world due to the freedom and technology we have nowadays. A simple tweet can make a significant impact across the globe. Many people use it to network, many use it to advertise, many use it to create awareness, many use it for keeping their fans and followers updated about what is going on in their life.

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We all like to tweet. We all like to keep ourselves constantly engaged with the world. Social media help us to become social in terms of living with people. We are all the time connected with everyone else in this world. This has helped us to bring connections and helped communities to grow . All this is done with the help of tweets. Every tweet we do on the Twitter platform is registered and saved by Twitter on its platform.

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You can search and look at all tweets you have done over the years. But sometimes these tweets can create problems for us in life. It is, therefore, best to clear twitter history. This how to clear Twitter history guide can help you in this task.

Why you must clear your twitter history?

Tweets are great. They help us to connect with people. They are the best ways to announce our opinions to the world. But sometimes these tweets can jeopardize our lives. A tweet done ten years ago jokingly can be used against you now. This can create unnecessary issues in your life. So, it is important that those tweets which have no use now must be deleted from your Twitter account. Twitter allows its users to delete their tweet history.

This article is all about helping you how to clear twitter history. Be responsible on Twitter and tweet what is most relevant and important. Take help from a social media management company and do not let any tweets give you issues ever in your life.

How to clear twitter history?

This can be done by using the following steps.


Before you start deleting history from your Twitter account , you must first archive all the tweets that you have done over the years, using the Twitter platform.

Step 2:

When you decide to archive some of the tweets, Twitter will send you an email containing all the tweets that you have asked it to archive. This can be stored in a folder. You can get access to this archive by clicking on Twitter Settings, then click on the tab called ‘Your Twitter Data’ which you can see on the left-hand column. From there you must scroll to ‘Twitter Archive’. Here you have the option to make a request to send an archive of your tweets from your Twitter account to your email address. This request can be made to Twitter directly.

Step 3:

When you have made an archive of all tweets that you have done then, choose a service according to your choice. This can be done using services like TweetDeleter or TweetEraser. There are Serviceh free as well as paid versions of the services. With the free version, one can delete tweets one had posted a maximum of six months ago at a time. Also, there is a maximum limit of tweets that can be deleted at a time.

If you will try to delete more tweets than the maximum limit for the given time period, it will delete less. One has to be mindful of Serviceh when one is using the free version of the service. With the paid version of the service no such limits and conditions exist.

Step 4:

You can also select to automate the deletion process. The tweets you make after some time shall be automatically deleted. You can make use of this service once you have deleted all the tweets that you always wanted to do. This automatic deletion process then can help you to keep your Twitter account free from old tweets.

Step 5:

Take a deep breath and relax. You have just accomplished an onerous task. If you keep tweeting in a very responsible manner, then you will always gain a lot from Twitter . Keep on tweeting and when you are in trouble always remember this guide on how to clear twitter history. Also, you can take the expertise of a social media management company. Trust me then you would not have to go through all these hassles at any point of time in your life.