If you have a business then you need to be on Twitter. But many do not know how to create a Twitter business account. We are here to help you with this.

Build your brand

Millions of human beings are connected to either of the social media websites each and every time of the hour. This means billions of eyeballs waiting for you to capture their attention. Twitter is a social media website that is used perennially by almost every person around the globe. This presents a unique and awesome opportunity to engage as many people as one can at the same time. So, you must definitely be on Twitter. Build up your presence on Twitter by hiring a social media management company. They have both expertise and experience to help your business to gain a lot of traction on Twitter.

how to create a twitter business account Characteristics of a well-known established brand on Twitter

To build your brand and well-known business presence, one needs to take care of a few things. First and before anything you need a business account on Twitter. Your business account on Twitter should be appealing. It must stand out. It must be engaging and worthwhile. For this, you need to have a strong and attractive profile on Twitter and for that, you need to read this article on how to create a Twitter business account.

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Business Profile Photo

For the first thing in your business profile, you need a header photo that is appealing. Mostly, this is the logo of the brand you have. It must be clear and tell something about your brand. It must constantly and completely fit into the circle of the header photo. Also, it must be uploaded in formats prescribed by Twitter. Pictures in other formats may be rejected. It must be giving all relevant information regarding the brand. It must give information about new products that are about to be launched in a very short time. You must use photographs of a recent photoshoot or an advertisement campaign that can boost your business. Also, it must be kept updated on a consistent basis. This helps you to make a business profile worth it. It also engages your audience. They know what they are seeing and visit your Twitter account again and again. This can help you to attract both customers and clients which are essential for your business to grow. This is the most important aspect of this guide on how to create a Twitter business account.

A unique name for your business

The account name of your business has to be different from all other businesses. This name is the name of the business you have. The name of the brand or the company name must come after ‘@’. This is unique to your business account. This name appears in the profile URL. Whatever post you may make from now on Twitter, everybody will recognize your business account specifically with this URL. So, choose it wisely. This URL cannot have more than 15 characters and cannot be changed. Make sure that you put the name of your brand in it. Also, the display name contains the name of your company. This can be changed at any point of time. This display name can have no more than 50 characters.

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Tell us something about your business

This is the most important part of the profile you are creating for your business account. This how-to create a Twitter business account guide can help you to navigate through this. Here, you can tell the world what your brand does, how it can help people to transform their lives, what the values your brand stands for, what it is doing to uphold them, etc. This is the space that most of your clients as well as your customers will definitely be reading through. You are selling your business idea and the brand to your customers. Take most time to make it the best. You can add your company’s tagline. You can also give information for new launches as well as inform your potential customers about where you serve, information about your stores (if you have any), the Headquarters of your company, etc. But remember you must add all these details within 160 characters limit. Bring a professional look to your business account on Twitter by allowing a digital marketing agency to run a successful advertising campaign for you.

how to create a twitter business account

Tweets that you want the audience to see

The tweets you post from your brand’s business account are the best means to interact with your followers. Give them all the latest news. What is happening with your business? You can give them information about the new product that is going to hit the stores soon, you can tell them about dates and location, etc. This is the space where you can be your creative best. You also need to constantly check on the tweets to know if they are worth keeping. Keep highlighting the stuff you think your audience will be most interested in. Click on the down arrow which is located at the corner of the tweet you want your audience to focus on. Here you must select ‘Pin to your profile. You can get the best advice to make your business account on Twitter stand out by taking help and advice from a social media management company

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