Social media have also now presented a platform to perform in digital marketing, that is through the social media profiles people interact with the audience, for example- Twitter, when it comes to checking out the performance of the profile on Twitter, then comes- Twitter audit, but the question remains- how to do a Twitter Audit? (Guide & Tools).

Introduction to Twitter Audit-

A Twitter audit is a feature that helps to check out the performance of any account on the Twitter platform. It is a very useful feature, as to review the working of the account, how the account is functioning what are its low points, what area its peak strength points, what are areas needed improvements, and many more. Therefore, it helps to look out what is the goal set up by the account, how much journey has been achieved, and what else is required to work on to achieve the goal faster, social media goals include more likes on the posts, more comments, and share reviews on the Twitter posts and to attain audience interest towards the content on the profile, to increase the Twitter followers and the ultimatum goal that is to gain high post engagement rate.

Hence, according to any digital marketing strategies for the profile to achieve the above-mentioned goals, there is a requirement to manage social media platforms and keep a check on the performance of the Twitter profile at every regular interval sincerely. This is why there is a requirement to perform Twitter audits regularly on the account.

So, here it was the introduction to the Twitter audit, let’s move towards how to do a Twitter audit?(Guide & Tools) And there is a simple method to perform the Twitter audit on the Twitter profile. How to Do a Twitter Audit? (Guide & Tools).

Procedure – How to do a Twitter Audit? (Guide & Tools) 

The twitter audit helps to identify and make the changes along with adjustments that have to be performed to enhance the performance of the Twitter profile; these Twitter Audit changes are also conducted according to the advice taken for digital marketing plans on the Twitter profile.

There are three main sections in the procedure to conduct a Twitter audit, that are-

  1. Auditing tweets of the account.
  2. Auditing followers of the Twitter account.
  3. Auditing the Twitter profile of the  Twitter account.

How to Do a Twitter Audit? (Guide & Tools)

How to audit tweets of the Twitter account?

In this procedure, there is a check performed to see the performance of the tweets among the audience.

Move towards the dashboard section and click on the Tweets option. Now, any individual can select the duration for which they have to see the performance of the tweets and after this selection, the activity of the tweets will be displayed for that particular duration period that has been selected. Along with the activity display of tweets of the accounts, there will be a stats display of the engagement rate on all the tweets under that duration period. Then, top tweets and promoted tweets would be included in separate tabs and all Twitter metrics can be downloaded in the form of an excel sheet representation using the export data tool.

There are numerous free and paid third-party Twitter audit tools for example- analytics tools are available online to be used in this procedure.

Another task included in the procedure of auditing tweets is to delete the old and irrelevant tweets which seem to be unnecessary in the accounts.

How to Do a Twitter Audit? (Guide & Tools)


How to audit the followers of the Twitter account?

In this procedure, there is a check performed to analyze the followers of the account.

This process is carried out by using Twitter’s built-in analytics tool which includes an audience analytics feature. Using this tool, any individual can analyze the groups of people following their account and then, also can analyze their interests. It can help the profile user to now manipulate the content on the profile according to their audience interest which will increase the post engagement rate of the profile.

Another method is the Twitter Audit tool, which helps the profile users to recognize the real and fake followers on the account. While checking out the followers’ list of the profile, profile users can remove those fake accounts existing on their following base of the Twitter account, this is to improve the active post engagement rate and enhance the audience interaction with the profile.

The followers play a major role on social media platforms, but holding too many fake followers can bring a particular profile account under security check. Hence, it is important to provide regular vigilance over the followers’ section and conduct the Twitter audit at regular intervals.

How to audit your Twitter profile?

In this procedure, auditing the Twitter profile is the final step; it focuses on checking the overall Twitter profile and its engagement activities.

Most of the task in this step, which is auditing Twitter profile, is carried on manually. It includes providing vigilance over the Twitter profile at regular intervals and performing required updates sincerely. How to Do a Twitter Audit? (Guide & Tools).

Updates like updating the bio if and when required, the style, the post schedule, contact details like e-mail, other links attached to the profile, and the content of the profile which is pending with the updates, make the changes when required.

Also, keep updating the pinned tweets at every regular interval, as these are the tweets that are promoted by the profile and show up at the top of the profile.

Hence, conducting Twitter Audit at regular intervals can help the profile users with the active audience interaction at their profile and also improves the performance of the Twitter account on Twitter.



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