Twitter has many interesting features and its wide user base is proof that it is efficient. If you use Twitter for keeping up with the latest news and trends then you need to know how to follow a hashtag on Twitter. Hashtags categorize tweets that provide information on a particular subject or a community. For example, a hashtag about news results in all the tweets that use the hashtag. Hashtags can also be used to increase engagement on your tweets and increase Twitter followers.

If you need to save time and get updated on a hashtag daily then you can follow that hashtag on Twitter. Since Twitter does not allow its users to directly follow a hashtag, there are many other ways from which you can follow a hashtag. Following a hashtag makes Twitter easier to navigate and engage with. If you use hashtags in your tweets, you can get more likes, and retweets on your tweets.

That helps in proving your credibility and trust in the community. Hashtags will also help you in reaching out to a group of people who are interested in the same topics as you are and you can make a community by networking with those people. It is an underrated way of engaging and interacting with people but it always works because there is a common ground. Since hashtags are easily searchable, people prefer to search for hashtags to validate some news or research some topic they want information on.

how to follow a hashtag on Twitter

Hashtags use the ‘#’ symbol before a word. You can make your hashtag about your business, opinions, or ideas. It can be used anywhere in a tweet usually, people use hashtags at the end of their tweet. If you make your hashtag creative and thought-provoking, other users will use it and it might go viral on Twitter. Many brands use this strategy of hashtags to promote their products or services and increase their visibility on Twitter .

Here Are The Steps On How To Follow A Hashtag On Twitter

1. Following Hashtags Via Browser

You must follow certain hashtags to increase your Twitter engagement and reach your social media goals. To follow hashtags on your browser, make sure you use a good internet browser. On your browser, you can go to the Twitter website and sign up or log in. To sign up, you can use your google account, apple account, or your phone number. The easiest way to sign up is by using your Google account. If you already have a Twitter account , then you can log in. After logging in, you will land on the home page, and on the top right corner of the homepage, you will see a search bar.

On the search bar, you can type the hashtag that you want to follow and select the hashtag. On the search results page, go to the top right corner of your browser and click on the star icon or the bookmark icon. This will bookmark the hashtag on your browser and you can access the hashtag anytime from the saved bookmark. This is effective if you want to be updated on a hashtag and check it daily.

2. Following Hashtags By Saving

Now you know how to bookmark the hashtag page to your web browser, there is an alternative if you don’t want to use bookmarking. You can use Twitter itself to save the hashtags and access them whenever you want. When you open Twitter’s search bar, type in the hashtag ‘#’ and include the word you want to search. Hit ‘Enter’ to open the search results page of the hashtag you searched for.

how to follow a hashtag on Twitter

On the right side of the search bar, you will see three horizontal dots, click on them. It will open a dialog box in which you can see three options namely search settings, advanced search, and save search. You can choose to save search. Now, every time you open your search bar, you will see the saved searches. You can click on the saved searches and go to the search results page without typing the hashtags. You can save as many searches as you want and access them instantly.

3. Following Hashtags Via Tweet Deck

Tweet Deck is an app that is acquired by Twitter, it makes working with Twitter easier and more efficient. For using Tweet Deck, you need to go to their website and log in with your Twitter account. After logging in you can see lists under the trending list and view all the currently trending hashtags and searches.

To personalize your hashtag searches, you can click on the ‘+’ option on the far left side of the website. Then choose ‘search’ under the column type, a search window will appear. Search for a hashtag and then choose the hashtag from the list, press enter. Now you can see the hashtag column on the right-hand side. You can move it by clicking and dragging the three vertical lines on the top of the column to your desired location.

Out of all these options, you can follow whatever feels easy and efficient for you. Following hashtags in the first and second options are most used by Twitter users. You’ll notice increased followers if you follow hashtags and interact with them properly. You’ll also be updated on the trends and news with the help of following the hashtags that are dedicated to providing news.

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