What is a verified account on Twitter? The official blue badge is given only to those users whose account is manually received and verified by Twitter. Being verified on the platform Twitter means that the account is recognized by Twitter to be genuine, of interest to the public, and credible. So, these accounts are not impersonating, spamming, or manipulating anyone and their owners or users have not violated any trademark or copyright laws either.

how to get verified on twitter

Verification here implies that Twitter knows who the real owner is and whether they actually are who they claim to be and are not just a fraud or an imposter.

What makes these accounts trustworthy is that no third party can add the verification badge to your account and you certainly cannot add it to your own account either. Only Twitter has the authority to add these checkmarks to the profiles. So, these accounts tend to have more likes and follows. The same is the case for Instagram where a verified account gains more followers and grows its business if the account is verified.

Why need verification?

Social media is flooded with fake accounts, Services, trolls, and frauds. While these platforms are constantly coming up with new and changing algorithms to tackle these, they have not been able to completely eradicate these fakers yet. Hence, Twitter has come up with this new strategy of account verification to battle fraud. Micro-influencers, small businesses, and thought leaders are at the greatest risk of being impersonated. Therefore, it is especially important for these sets of people to get that blue badge!

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Once your account is verified, it gets harder for scammers to spread fake content and misinformation in your name. Some may even hold contests and get information about your followers which will eventually lead to your people mistrusting you.

In 2009, Twitter first started this verification agenda. This was stopped in 2017. A new verification program was announced in May 2021, with a new set of rules and guidelines.

Requirements to get verified:

With the new guidelines, getting verified on Twitter has become more apprehensible than ever before. Your account needs to have these 3 important characteristics to get verified:

  1. Active:

Your account must be active in accordance with the rules of Twitter. For this the following criteria must be met:

  • Complete- your profile must be completed with an image and name.
  • Active use- at the time of application, your account must be public and you must have logged into the account in the last 6 months.
  • Security- your account must have a confirmed phone number and email address.
  • Twitter rules- you must follow the rules of Twitter and have not had a 7-day or 12-hour lockout in the past year for violation (excluding successful appeals). How to get verified on Twitter.
  1. Notable: Your account must be associated with or represent a prominently recognized brand or individual according to the notability criterion fixed by Twitter. According to the new verification program, accounts from the following 6 categories are eligible for verification:
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Eligible for verification

  • Government- for state and federal level government officials, public utilities, and people in positions of leadership
  • Brands, companies, and non-profit organizations – prominent brands and companies, startups, small businesses, and non-profit organizations.
  • News organizations and journalists- official news channels and organizations including newspapers, magazines, broadcast, and cable TV as well as individual journalists.
  • Entertainment organizations in the entertainment industry like music production companies, film festivals, TV networks, etc.
  • Sports and E-sports- official sports leagues, e-sports leagues, sports teams, and organizations.
  • Activists, organizers, and other influencers- individuals with high public interest who fall outside of the above professional categories like politicians, local public figures, reputed medical professionals, etc. but are at potential risk of getting impersonated.
  1. Authentic: having an authentic account means you must be who you say you are. Your identity must be real. There are 3 ways to identify yourself on Twitter:
  1. Official website- you can provide the link to an official website that references you or your organization.
  2. ID verification- you may provide a picture of your official government-approved ID.
  3. Official email address- you can provide an official email address with a relevant domain.

how to get verified on twitter

Get verified: the detailed process

In order to know how to get verified on Twitter follow these steps:

  1. After meeting the above-stated requirements you are all set to get verified!
  2. Start your account verification journey by going to your account settings and clicking on ‘request verification’.
  3. A pop-up appears to inform you more regarding the verification process. Click on ‘start now’.
  4. Define your category to tell Twitter who you are.
  5. Now you need to provide proof of belonging to the category chosen. For example an official website, articles on you, etc.
  6. To verify your identity, provide an official email address, website, or government-issued ID.
  7. Click on ‘submit’ to complete the verification process on your end. Now Twitter will take some days to get back to you.
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How long will Twitter take to get back after filling in my details?

Your request for verification is reviewed by a human. Hence it takes a few weeks. If the backlog is too long, they might have suspended allowing new applications.

What happens if my request is rejected?

You can reapply after waiting for 30 days starting from the day you received the rejection notice.