Twitter will always be a trending social media app because so many people use Twitter. Some people only use Twitter when it comes to social apps and no other social media app because Twitter is where you can get all the information about everything that’s happening.   You need to know How to make a thread on Twitter to engage and communicate your idea with your audience.


You can find information about everything on Twitter including all types of news, gossip, information on politics, media, etc. Most people who provide news and information on Twitter use threads to communicate the message to people. Your chances to increase your Twitter followers are better when you use a strategy to increase followers, in this case, using Threads.

Most bloggers on Twitter post their content in the form of threads because Twitter has a word limit for each tweet. If you exceed that word limit, you can add another tweet and make it a thread. Sometimes you need to make a thread post on Twitter to give out complete information on a topic without confusion. When using Twitter, it is essential to know How to make a thread on Twitter so that you can make threads and post them eventually.

Posting threads on Twitter increases engagement and helps in increasing followers on Twitter. It also improves the impressions on your tweets if the information that you are tweeting is fact-checked and true. When you provide information, ideas, insights, and opinions that inspire and inform around a given topic, you get more likes and retweets. When your tweets and threads are shared, you can verify your account on Twitter easily. Verifying your Twitter account is important it proves that you are trustworthy.

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Twitter threads are posts that discuss the same topic for several posts that can be read as continuous posts. The word thread is used to describe this type of tweet because it appears like a thread in the posts is bound together. After all, they follow the same topic.

Here are the steps on How to make a Twitter thread:

How To Make A Thread On Twitter

Creating a Twitter Thread by Replying

You can create a Twitter thread by replying to your tweet, if you follow this method then you need to be fast in posting your thread.

Step 1

When you log in, to write a tweet you need to click on the tweet button or click the box in the middle top section of your home page. After typing out your tweet, if the word limit is met, you can put a number at the beginning of the tweet like 1/3, and click on the tweet button.

Step 2

Then, you can click on the reply icon on your first tweet. Now you can continue writing the content from where you left off in the first tweet. After the word limit is met or if you want to end the second tweet, you can number the tweet like 2/3.

Step 3

Finally, for the third tweet, you can click on the reply icon on the second tweet and continue writing the content from where you left off in the second tweet. When you have finished writing the tweet, you can number the tweet by 3/3.

You can go on for more than 3 tweets because there is no limit to how many tweets you can post. You can use as many tweets as you want to complete your content and deliver the information.

This method of making a thread is good when you have the information ready and can post the tweet fastly. It can get a bit messy because your followers or Twitter users can reply to your tweet before you reply to yourself with the following tweets. It will make your thread look messy and disorganized. If this method is not suited to your needs then there is a better way to post a Twitter thread ahead.

Creating a Twitter Thread by using the feature

How To Make A Thread On Twitter

Twitter has an in-built feature that allows you to compose a thread of tweets and post them all at once. This feature is available on the twitters website and mobile applications.

Step 1

Go to twitter’s website or app and log in to your existing Twitter account or sign up if you are new to Twitter. After signing in, you will land on the home page of your Twitter account.

Step 2

On the top of your homepage, you will see a ‘what’s happening’ box where you can type in your tweet. You can also click on the floating blue circle with a pen in it to compose your tweet that is located on the left side of the home page.

Step 3

After clicking on the box, you can type in your tweet but make sure you put a number on your tweet like 1/5, 1 being the first tweet and 5 being the total number of tweets in that thread.

Step 4

Do not post your tweet yet, if you have reached the word limit, select the blue ‘+’ icon on the lower right corner.

Step 5

 Now name the second tweet like 2/5 and start typing in and finish your second tweet.

Step 6

After you reach the word limit for the second tweet, you can repeat the process by clicking on the ‘+’ icon on the lower right corner until you are done writing all the content for the thread.

Step 7

After your thread is ready with all the tweets, make sure the tweets are correctly numbered and that you have included the necessary hashtags, pictures, videos, and media to support the thread.

Step 8

Finally, you can post all the tweets by clicking on ‘Tweet all’. Therefore, your thread will be published in an organized manner.


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