Many people like to regulate their follower list on Twitter due to privacy, safety, and other reasons. This feature of removing unwanted followers was launched by Twitter in September 2021. It was instantly popular due to the benefits it put on the table. You are not severing all ties with the person you wish to remove but can still deal in minimum interactions. Formerly, if you wanted to remove a follower, your only option was to block them.

Blocking a follower was basically equivalent to the user never being able to follow you again (unless you unblock them), being removed from your follower’s list, and not being able to view any of your tweets, content, and replies in a conversation. It completely cuts off all ties between you and the person. This might feel like an extreme step to some. The person getting blocked if notices it, might feel offensive.

Although Twitter does not inform the person being blocked they might be able to catch you. For example, if they navigate to your profile Twitter shows them a message that they have been blocked and will not be able to view the profile. Hence, this new feature solves your problem of ‘how to remove a follower on Twitter and feel safer in addition to helping you prevent the awkwardness as a repercussion of blocking the person.

how to remove a follower on twitter

This new feature is currently available in the website version and not available in the mobile app. You can still remove a follower by visiting the Twitter website through your web browser, on your mobile phone its iPhone, iPad, or Android.

soft block :

On most social media platforms, a soft block means limiting the actions of a user without entirely blocking them from the platform. It is a warning used to moderate undesirable actions of the user and prevent any activities which are not allowed on the platform. This gives the user a chance to restore the functionality of their account by correcting their actions.

Twitter has lately come up with its own version of soft block- the ‘remove this follower’ option. Prior to this, the way to use the soft block method was a workaround, that is by first blocking and then unblocking the user. This way they will not see a ‘you are blocked’ message when they navigate through your profile but will not receive any updates about you either, as they will no longer be a follower. Now, instead of going with the old block unblock game, Twitter is presenting you with the ‘remove the follower’ alternative to a soft block.

Differences between blocking and removing a follower are as follows-

  • In case of blocking you cannot DM the person but if you were removed, you can still DM the person provided they have not removed the allow ‘DM from people who do not follow you’ option.
  • Another difference to check if you are blocked is to visit the person’s profile by searching for the person. If you can view their profile, you were not blocked. Else, a message will appear informing you that you have been blocked and you will not be able to view their profile.

What happens after you remove a follower?

  • The user will not be informed if you have removed them from the follower’s list. However, they might figure it out themselves, if they choose to go to your profile and notice they have the option to follow you.

how to remove a follower on twitter

  • Once removed, your Twitter account’s tweets or feed will not be automatically shown in the timeline of the person who has been removed.
  • If your account is not private, the user you have removed might follow you again.
  • Removed followers can no longer see your tweets. However, they can still send you DMs.
  • They will not be able to view the likes and retweets exchanged with you if you choose to remove them.

How to remove a follower on Twitter?

To remove a follower, follow these steps-

  1. Open your web browser on your phone, laptop, or computer and go to Remember the remove follower option is currently only available for the web version. Even if you use the mobile app, you must go to the website.
  2. Go to the profile of the person you wish to remove. You can use the search tool or click on their name in the feed.
  3. Now at the top of the person’s profile, click on the three dots. A menu will be shown to you.
  4. Select the ‘remove this follower’. A confirmation message will appear. This will be the first and the last message Twitter shows and there will be no going back.
  5. If you are a hundred percent sure of your decision, click on the ‘remove’ button. The person has been removed from your follower list.

This new feature of Twitter allows you to be able to curate your followers list easily and helps you create a healthier and safer space for yourself. This recent feature of Twitter was indeed a requirement much needed. Also, if you want to increase your followers you can buy followers from different legitimate websites on the web. 


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