Twitter is by far the best social media app to use if you want to express your ideas or opinions. You can tweet, retweet, interact, converse, follow, and read people’s tweets. It is a fast-growing social media application that can be used on mobiles, tablets, computers, and even on smartwatches. If you are using Twitter then you should know how to remove followers on Twitter . Since social media is used by many people to express their opinions, you might not agree with someone’s opinion. The more people agree with you, the more likes and retweets you will get on Twitter. It is natural for people to disagree and remove certain people from their social media that annoy them.

how to remove followers on twitter

When you use a social media app like Twitter , you need to know everything about it including How to remove followers on Twitter . Many people who are scammers or simply people who have an intention to waste your time and harm you might follow you and annoy you. You cannot leave social media, you can easily just remove them from your followers. This way they won’t be able to see any of your tweets easily. Most probably they will not notice that you have removed them from your followers because Twitter does not notify the user that they have been removed from a certain person’s followers list.

Here’s how to remove followers on Twitter :

1. Log in to your Twitter account

Whether you are using Twitter on your mobile, desktop, windows, or safari, you can log in from any device. You need to go to twitter’s official website if you are accessing Twitter from a web browser . If you are using Twitter from a mobile device then you can download the app from the play store or app store for free. Log in to your Twitter account by entering your email ID and password or use your email ID to log in.

2. Go to your profile

When you log in, you will land on twitter’s homepage. On the left side of the homepage, you can view a list of icons. From those icons, you need to select the last second icon named ‘profile’. You need to click on the profile, then you will land on your profile page. On your profile page, you will see your name, username, date joined, following, and followers. You need to click on ‘followers’.

3. Click on your followers

When you click on followers, you will see a list of every Twitter account that follows you. You can scan the list for any users you do not want to be followed by.

4. Locate who you want to remove

You can remove anyone you want to from your followers, find the user you want to remove. Scanning your followers is also a part of your Twitter audit as it helps you understand who is following you and who you need to remove.

5. Click on the three dots (Options)

When you find the user you want to remove, besides their name on the right side of the screen, you will see three dots lined vertically. Then a dialog box will open up with options like ‘share profile via’, ‘mute’, ‘remove this follower’, and ‘block’.

6. Select remove this follower

From the options in the dialog box, you need to select the third option that is, ‘remove this follower’. When you click on the ‘remove this follower’ option, you can instantly remove the user from your follower’s list. The user will not be notified that you have removed them from your follower’s list, so they won’t notice that you have removed them. If they do notice, and decide to follow you again, you can remove them again.

7. Alternatively, you can also use the Block option

You can also block people on Twitter, it is a handy option that everyone should know how to use. When you block someone on Twitter, you can permanently stop them from seeing your profile’s content, from following you, and texting you on Twitter. Blocking someone is better because it immediately bans the user from interacting with you on Twitter.

how to remove followers on twitter

8. Last resort: report

If a user has offended you, disturbed you, or violated the terms and conditions of Twitter, you can report them as well. This is the last resort because reporting is taken very seriously on Twitter. If many people report the Twitter account , then Twitter will remove the post or the Twitter completely. You can report a user on Twitter by going to their profile.

How to remove followers on Twitter for Desktop?

Since Twitter can be used from many platforms such as PC, Desktop App, and Mobile App, you can remove followers from your follower’s list anytime you want from any device. To remove followers on Twitter when you are using a desktop, you need to log in to Twitter from the web browser or Twitter for desktop apps. After logging in, you can go to your profile, then click on ‘followers ‘. A list of all your followers will open up and from there you can remove users that you do not want.

How to remove followers on Twitter for Mobile?

When you are using Twitter from your mobile device, you can either use it in your browser app or download the Twitter app from the play store or app store. You can use it to increase your followers and become famous or use it just to browse through the topics that you love. When using Twitter from mobile, if you need to remove a follower, you can easily remove them by going to your profile. You can find them in your follower’s list and then click on the options icon and select remove this follower.

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