Millions of people have connected and created accounts on Twitter. Mainly, many known celebrities and influencers are using Twitter to outreach audiences. Recently many updates and bug fixes have introduced new features on this platform. You can learn how to soft block on Twitter now. Twitter was one of the most used platforms in 2021.

With this new feature, people can remove any follower they want from their Twitter handle without literally blocking them. This feature is exceptionally effective if any person is sending you an obscene message, and you do not feel like a reply to him. If you do not want any particular person, acquaintance, or even bots to see your tweets, photos, or even profile you can directly soft block them on Twitter. You will learn how to soft block on Twitter in this guide.

how to soft block on Twitter

If you block people on Twitter then it is evident to them. They will understand that you have blocked them. By visiting your profile, they will understand everything. It becomes very unpleasant for some people who are totally against the criteria of removing others. For them, this concept of soft blocking is very theoretical. Sometimes blocking people you do not like can create unnecessary issues and confrontations that no one likes. To avoid such affairs soft blocking is the best technique that you can use. To learn how to soft block on Twitter you can read the steps below.

Why Soft blocking is a major on Twitter?

People love digital space. Although, at times we come across numerous mentally disturbed people that like to create chaos and trouble for others. It is best to maintain the distance from such people in real and virtual life. To generate that digital space with such chaotic people, you have to block them. Nevertheless, you have another alternative instead of removing them. This method is known as “soft blocking”. You can remove unwanted people from your account and maintain a safe distance from them with a very effortless method. It is a very effective method of blocking annoying people on Twitter.

How to soft block people on Twitter?

Many people are not aware of this concept of soft blocking. They think it is typical blocking. You need to follow these steps to soft block a person on Twitter. All of you can open Twitter on a desktop or via a mobile app and remove people from the Twitter.

  • First, find a follower you tend to remove from Twitter, on your chosen profile you will see three dots. Click on three dots then you will see the option of removing the follower. Click on it and remove the said user.
  • You can also check out your follower list and remove the desired follower from it. It is an alternative to using the above method.

Once you remove a follower from Twitter i.e. you soft block a person, nothing from your timeline will be visible to him. However, it does not mean he cannot see your retweets, quote tweets, or regular notifications that you both get through different sources. Soft blocked people will be able to tag you or see all of your activities on Twitter.

In simple words, we can say that soft blocking a person does not mean total goodbye. It is preferable form of distance or an Irish goodbye to a person. You can also state that in the future that particular person can contact you or follow you. It will confuse them as they can visit your profile but they will not be able to figure out how they were removed from your profile suddenly.

Not every person can figure out soft blocking. Only a few tech-savvy people are aware of this term. However, slowly as people are figuring out the Twitter platform they are getting aware of all the terms and processes carried out in it.

If you do not feel happy by just soft blocking a person, you can always block him completely. By blocking him completely all forms of communication will be cut. He will not be able to see your retweets, quote tweets, or regular notifications that you both get through different sources.

how to soft block on Twitter

Such a person can contact you again in many ways. For example, he can create a new account or he can contact you through a friend’s id. If he is bothering you constantly then you have no option but to report the person.

Safety mode on Twitter

It is said that Twitter is working on a new mode known as the Safety mode. This mode will work on the safety issues of its users. It will detect all the harmful, offensive, and abusive profiles. It means all the accounts that are unnecessary creating chaos on this platform, tagging people excessively, sending obscene messages will automatically be blocked on Twitter. However, it will be temporary but this way people will get a warning message.

Twitter has notched up and taken cautionary measures for all its users to make them feel safe and comfortable on their platform. This feature will specifically help all the female users, journalists, influencers that are constantly being targeted by men. Now, you understand how to soft block people on Twitter.

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