It is normal for any social media to remove people that are engaged in abusive behavior or nuisance. People hack accounts, post obscene images; tweet as if no one will read it and all this is done solely to create chaos among the users. . If you wish to know how to unsuspend your Twitter account then, you can read some amazing tricks here. This is very wrong. No one has the right to hack other accounts or even try to impersonate others on social media handles. Your account can get suspended due to such behavior. Maybe you will get all your answers back and hopefully your account back.

Usually, when you are trying to unsuspend your Twitter account there are two methods. One of the methods is a verification and another one is to file an appeal with the company. Serviceh of these methods work though there is no guarantee that your account will be back. Moreover, if you try wrong, things can get out of your hand that may cost you to lose your account forever. Therefore, you need to make up your mind whether or not you will engage in unsuspension of your account or not. If you wish to know how to unsuspend your Twitter account then, you can read some startling tricks here.

Therefore, when you have complete confidence that it was not a mistake on your part and due to some misunderstanding or someone else’s complaint has caused your account to be blocked, then you can go for the verification process and get your account back. If your account has been blocked for a long interface then, verification may not work due to which you have to go for an alternate measure that is filing an appeal. Appeal filing is more of a formal process, and one needs to be damn sure before using it. Otherwise, there will be immense consequences.

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how to unsuspend twitter account

Different types of suspensions on Twitter

If you wish to know how to unsuspend your Twitter account then, you can read some startling tricks here. However, do you know what types of suspensions are done by Twitter? Mentioned below are some of how your account can be blocked directly by Twitter. If you are not sure whether your account has been blocked then, you can see the signs. If your signs are similar to those mentioned below then, your account has been blocked.

  • Profile edits or media requirement– Probably the lightest type of suspension. In this, Twitter will temporarily remove your account and start editing whatever was violating their privacy. Once they have altered the content, they will give you your account back.
  • Read-only account mode- If you have done some violation for the first time and your account has always been clean and healthy, Twitter will not be so strict with you. It will put your account in reading mode. It will limit your access until everything cools down. Then after some time, you will get your account back. Some time is usually 12 hours and can last up to 1 week or so. This type of suspension is also very light.
  • Verify the account ownership– It is more strict than the other two mentioned above. If you harass people or send inadequate messages then, Twitter will lock your account. You will lose your tweets, retweets, and even your followers and likes. This will damage your image on social media. So, you need to be careful before harassing others because you are under the constant watch of twitter.
  • Permanent suspension- This is the last and the most momentous form of suspension. Only some people get their accounts permanently blocked. As the name is suggesting, everything will be wiped off as you didn’t exist on Twitter.
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Now, if you are wondering how to unsuspend your Twitter account then, you need to know if Twitter releases accounts after suspending them.

how to unsuspend twitter account

Does twitter release block accounts?

The answer is a big, Yes. Many a time, people’s accounts are blocked due to some error or miscommunication. In such a case, Twitter releases all those accounts. But it is totally up to them. If they feel that blocking the account was the right action against your violation then, they will remove your profile.

You can do whatever you want but, your profile will not be let go. Either you make a new account, or they will forbid you from making a new account as well. If you wish to know how to unsuspend your Twitter account then you can read some amazing tricks here. The best part of Twitter is that before taking any action against the user, they inform which activity of yours was wrong. They will tell you if your content stood in violation or if you have broken some rule.

You will be rewarded full-time to rectify the issues. Furthermore, if you do not go for the righteous count, then blocking is the last resort. Therefore Twitter is not entirely wrong about all this. Filing an appeal is an important action and you will receive deciding email from Twitter. If you are lucky enough, you will get the blocked account to unblock, if not, then you will not be able to use Twitter again. Verification, on the other hand, is not that huge process and will not lead to such disturbing consequences.

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