Fans are the people who love you, rejoice in your victories, and cry on your failures. They are the support behind any person. How to know who my top fans on Twitter are, is an interesting question.


Know your top fans

My top fans’ Twitter is a guide that can help you to find and know who are your top fans. These top fans are the ones who care for you and make you famous and popular. Retweeting posts can help a lot for anybody to gain a celebrity status on Twitter. Gain more fans by hiring a social media manager. They can help you in taking stock of your current social media presence and help your posts to reach out to people who will really love them. They will soon become your fans and followers and your network will grow.  

Why fans are important?

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All celebrities require fans to enhance their social media presence. They are a testimonial to your following. The greater the number of fans you may have, the greater your following will be. Also, your following will be seen as genuine and even can transform into a cult. This can help you to come into the limelight. Your posts will be highlighted by the news media companies, marketing agencies, advertising organizations, etc.  Take advice from a digital marketing agency to help your influence to grow on Twitter. It can go a long way in helping your garner more fans. Visit a digital marketing agency’s website and avail this opportunity.

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Become an influencer with the help of your fans

An influencer on social media website is the person who creates a stir about a topic, product, service, etc., and can appeal to the people to also utilize that product or service. He or she can change the opinions of the people regarding a brand or a company and can help it to gain market share. Companies are constantly looking for influencers who can help them to sell their products better. It has emerged as a new form of marketing strategy. More and more companies are ready to take advantage of social media to reach out to the wider public. You too can become an influencer and your fans can help you in this. But first, you need to know who your top fans are. This article piece on my top fans’ Twitter can help you to look for all those top fans on Twitter. 

How to know who my top fans on Twitter are?

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If you want to view your top fans on Twitter, then first you must visit the ‘Reports’ on the Twitter platform. There you must look for ‘Twitter Reports’. Click on it. There you will find the ‘Posts and Engagement’ section. Here you will find all those Top Connections who have made use of your posts. You can also arrange them according to different categories which include: Most Retweeted, Most Liked, Most Engagement, Most Replied, and Most Messaged. This gives you a glimpse of how your tweets are being responded to by the Twitter users. This also tells you who are the people who like your tweets and are eager to retweet them. These are your top fans on Twitter. The motive for writing this article on my top fans’ Twitter is that you can know and appreciate who your top fans on Twitter are.

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Why and how knowing who your top fans are on Twitter can help you? 

Your top fans on Twitter tell you the amount of influence you have. They are your most credible power. They are the people who know you and are loyal to you. Their opinions, likes, comments, the number of times they retweet, repost on their profile, etc. All this can help you to determine the strength of your social media profile, especially on Twitter. These top fans are your best ways to gain publicity. They can spread your posts quickly and help you to create a buzz about your posts on other accounts. Seeing your posts constantly getting tagged into their account, many people due to curiosity will read your posts. It will help you to build more connections and spread your network. Gain a firm hold on the minds and hearts of your top fans by taking the social media management agency’s advice for running an influential marketing campaign.

Importance of the person on Twitter

There are many users on Twitter who continuously tweet and retweet. These tweets are read by other users. Some may like them others may ignore them altogether. The number of accounts that like your posts helps you to gauge how good your posts are vis-à-vis in creating a stir among the users of Twitter. If somebody replies to your posts, then, it tells you who thinks what about your tweet. This can help you to gauge your importance among other Twitter users. This is the best way to know one’s social standing. Just give the responsibility of the management of your account to a responsible marketing agency and see how your stature and standing grow on Twitter.

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