Twitter has grown over the years and has over 290.5 million active users and the number is expected to increase further in the coming years. If you need to know how to use Twitter analytics to increase your followers, then the first thing you need to understand is What are Twitter impressions and how to make sense of them. Twitter impressions are a part of Twitter analytics that provide instant insights into how your tweets are performing. After knowing that you can reach out to millions of people for free via Twitter, every smart business owner has started using Twitter to advertise their business. 

Not only businesses, but influencers have also taken to Twitter and have monetized their Twitter accounts. Gone are the days when Twitter was just about providing feedback and reviews. Twitter users can use many features like tweets, retweets, Twitter cards, replies, threads, Twitter moments, etc., to increase their accounts impressions and reach out to a larger audience. These features have proven to be useful in interacting with fellow Twitter users or customers on Twitter. Since Twitter is best for sharing short-form content that is smart and witty, you need to be creative to capture the eye of your customers on Twitter. 

What are Twitter impressions?

What are Twitter impressions

Simply put, Twitter impressions are the total number of times that users have seen your tweet on Twitter or any other website. So, if your tweet has 100 impressions, it simply means that your tweet was seen 100 times. You can check your tweets impressions on Twitter analytics by viewing your tweet activity or going straight to the Twitter analytics page. You will be able to the monthly summary tweet impressions. 

Benefits of Using Twitter Analytics

Twitter analytics includes Twitter impressions, engagement rates, follower gain/loss, retweets, tweets, likes, replies, video views, clicks, and all the other tools that help in tracking your performance on Twitter. Twitter analytics including Twitter impressions have many benefits, the key benefits are listed below: 

1. Get To Know Your Audience

When you tweet something on Twitter, you want your tweet to reach people and you want people to see it. When a user views your tweet, Twitter analytics will record that view as a Twitter impression. So, when you post or publish a tweet on a particular subject or to a specific community, through Twitter analytics and Twitter impressions, you can get to know how many people saw it. Over time, you can compare your tweets and determine what type of audience views your tweets and how you can improve your content. 

2. Understand Suitable Content For You

Logically, the content that is easy to read and interesting gets more impressions and engagement on Twitter. Since Twitter was originally made for sharing crisp and short tweets, it is essential to keep in mind that you do not over-explain your tweet. You can find out what content works best on your profile and post more creative content around the same subject. For example, if your business sells flower bouquets, you can post tweets of facts about different flowers and what makes them special. This way you can provide educational content and improve your reach. It will eventually result in sales and profits. 

3. Posting Regularly

To get the best idea of how you can use Twitter analytics to gain more followers, you need to post frequently. In the beginning, you might find posting regularly fine but when you run out of content to post you can face challenges. To prevent this, you can create a content calendar for twitter and plan out your tweets weekly or monthly. This will lighten your load and help you in becoming more organized while saving time. 

4. Track Impressions Of Each Tweet

What are Twitter impressions

So let’s say that you are posting daily or every alternate day or weekly on Twitter, how do you determine what next step you should take or what changes you need to make? As you tweet, Twitter will record all the impressions on your tweet and will store the information in Twitter analytics. You need to go to Twitter analytics and check impressions on each tweet. By doing this, you can determine what content is your specialty and what content is your weakness and you can work on improving it. 

5. Track Your Ads

If you are designing and running ad campaigns on Twitter, you already know that it is not as easy as it seems. Managing ad campaigns for your business is not an easy task and Twitter impressions are the easiest way to determine if your ads are working or not. In addition to that, you can also view detailed performance through Twitter analytics. 

6. Adopt What Works For You

The Twitter analytics dashboard provides a clear image of how your tweets are performing so you can keep posting tweets that are creating more engagement and impressions. You can also eliminate or remove tweets or strategies that are not giving any benefit and build better strategies. The immediate way of analyzing your tweets is through the number of Twitter impressions. More Twitter likes and retweets are also great for increasing your reach and impressions. 

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