Twitter is a well-known social media platform where people connect through tweet posts. Twitter is also filled with numerous features and tools, which work on its digital platform, one of them is – Twitter moments. Now, what are Twitter moments (How to Create One) – Let’s find them in this article.

What Are Twitter Moments (How to Create One)

What are twitter moments (How to Create One) – Introduction!

Twitter moments feature stories that revolve around the happenings around the world which have been posted by tweets. The format of Twitter moments is like this, any individual can attach multiple tweets into a slide-show format, briefly, Twitter moments depict a collection pocket of tweets about events or a topic, similar to other tweets they can be accessed to like, pin, etc. but tapping on Twitter moments it opens a collection of different tweets about a particular event or topic. Twitter moments generally consist of cover photos and introductions in their format.

Advantages of using Twitter moments-

The twitter moments are divided into categories as per their central topic or event, about which the whole section of Twitter moments revolves. It makes it easy for web users to choose between which event or topic they want to read about in detail. Also, as the topics are separated, so it’s an easy task to search the tweets about the topics of their interest that is through one click on the particular twitter moment of their interest. For example- News, Entertainment, Fun, Sports, etc. are different types of Twitter moments found on Twitter.

It provides post engagement to the tweet post included in Twitter moments of audience interest, if they open that particular twitter moment, obviously tweet posts related to the event or topic just appear, on scrolling to know the detail about the topic of their interest, they come across the tweet posts relevant to it included in the twitter moments and thus interact with content represented on the tweet posts. Therefore, it results in to increase in the post engagement rate of the profiles on Twitter. It helps the profile users to increase their Twitter followers.

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Twitter moments also help many brands to promote and advertise their launches in a different way, such as by getting included in twitter moments, thus audience discovers the brand’s tweets and interacts with them according to their interest. It is a different way for the brands to be in demand among people. But, to make this happen, that is to include the tweet posts in the trending Twitter moments, brands and companies introducing launches on the digital platform, also have to enhance their digital profile by applying social media management plans and making efforts to gather advice on digital marketing strategies.

After taking a detailed tour of what are Twitter moments (How to Create One), let’s look at, how to create Twitter moments on Twitter.

What Are Twitter Moments (How to Create One)

Procedure to create Twitter moments-

  1. Log in to the Twitter profile page.
  2. In the moment’s tab, from the navigation bar, navigate towards the Moments option.
  3. Then, to begin creating a new Twitter moment, click on the Create button.
  4. Then, apply a title to the Twitter moment which has to be created, and give it a short and simple description of the event or topic.
  5. Next is the task to create the collection of tweets for the Twitter moments, individuals can import the tweets to fill up the Twitter moment which is to be created. Tweets can be imported from the following collections-
  • Liked Tweets: It is a collection of all the tweets liked by the profile user.
  • Account tweets: It is a collection of tweets that are being imported from the account searched on the search bar on Twitter.
  • Searched tweet: It is a collection of tweets where the specific tweet is being searched through hashtags.
  • Collection ID: Any collection ID can be imported, which had been created on Tweet Deck.
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Above mentioned options, there are available to select a tweet that had to be included in Twitter moment’s sections.

  1. Select the particular tweet from the collections that have to be added to twitter moments and click Add option.
  2. Then, add a cover image by clicking the camera icon then, a pop-up option appears with all the images included in the Tweets within the Twitter moment section. Click the image or picture, which has to be set as the cover image then select Apply option to select the image.

Also, there is an option to add an image from a tweet URL which not already included in the Twitter moment. Click on the Add option from Tweet URL and paste the same URL of the tweet that holds the image or picture, which has been selected for addition to the cover image.

  1.  The task comes to crop the image or picture that has been selected; the cropping tool will give a preview of the image.
  2.   Then the next is to publish the Moment by clicking Publish option. Once the other adjustments with tweets, cover images have been done.
  3. Select the visibility of the Twitter moment:
  1. Private- Only owners can view the Twitter moment made if the private mode is being selected by the profile user.
  2. Public- Everyone can view the Twitter moment.
  3. Unlisted- Only those who hold the URL can view this Twitter moment and can use caution- while the URL is guessable.

Hence, here the Twitter moment making gets completed.

These twitter moments are a very useful feature for advertising campaigns in digital marketing plans as these help to attain audience engagement to the post.

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