We are well aware that Twitter is one of the most trusted platforms where people can share their views on different topics like education, economics, politics, entertainment, foreign affairs, etc. freely. However, when people communicate spontaneously controversies are born. If you want to learn what happens when you report someone on twitter? Let us see.

These controversies take an ugly face sometimes. On occasion, these things escalate and turn into abusive, nerve-racking stuff. But on every social media platform, we have a tool to sidestep from such affairs. Just as on Twitter, we can block people who create such nuisance. If you want to learn what happens when you report someone on twitter? 

What are the consequences of reporting an account on Twitter?

what happens when you report someone on twitter

Once you block or report someone, twitter will review your issue in some days. If they feel that their policy has been contravened, then they will take action against the said account. Or else, the complaint will be diffused and no action will be taken. If you want to gain knowledge about what happens when you report someone on twitter then here is a list of what happened:

  • Twitter will remove the tweets from the rest of the users or hide the tweets done by the guilty party from all the users.
  • It can temporarily block a person, so they will not be able to access the account for some time.
  • The algorithm of Twitter will make the account less visible in search results. That being the case, the outreach of the said person will be minimal.
  • The said account holder will not be able to send or receive direct messages from anyone for some time.
  • The account can be transfigured, into a read-only mode. It means that the user can login to the account but, they will not be able to send any messages, post any tweets, or reply to any direct messages to anyone. The profile will be public though it will be forbidden from doing any activity. This is also temporary and will last for about 24 hours or so.
  • Many influencers have a blue badge on their account indicating a verified account. Twitter can remove the blue badge in case someone is violating their policies. Some people that have a verified account must respect the guidelines and respect all the other users. Having a blue badge doesn’t make them special or indifferent. Therefore, they have to stay within the limits of the platform and give due regard to everyone. They cannot create any nuisance or unnecessary controversy.
  • In extreme cases, Twitter has every right to hide or remove the account from the public eye. By doing so no one will be able to visit the profile of the said user. It is also done temporarily to make people realize that their actions are affecting other users as well. No one can create an uncomfortable atmosphere on Twitter and poke other users.
  • The extreme case is that Twitter will suspend the account permanently. It is done when Twitter cannot bear the burden or calm the outcomes of the said user’s account. It is done rarely but there are some people whose accounts have been suspended permanently by Twitter.
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Now, you know what happens when you report someone on twitter. Therefore, you got a clue of the rights that twitter can use against guilty parties and terminate their accounts permanently.

What happens when you block someone on Twitter?

what happens when you report someone on twitter

Whenever we block someone on any social media like Facebook or Twitter, we always receive an auto-generated or bot-sent message that the report has been received and the account has been blocked. Anyway, in some cases, Twitter might need various additional information to take action against any user.  In this way, they will ask you some random questions related to the issue against which you reported. Then twitter will review your complaint and study the report. If they feel that actions are intolerable, they will take remedial actions against the account. Otherwise, they will refuse and take no action. Remedial actions can be temporary or permanent. It depends on the rules, sometimes in severe cases, Twitter can suspend the account. While in moderate to severe cases they can temporarily block the account. So, if we conclude, it depends on the violation done by the said person and which action will be taken against him. Now, let us look at some other points related to reporting on Twitter.

What happens if your report is rejected on Twitter?

Sometimes, you are sure that someone has violated the terms but when you report the person the response you get is not satisfactory. What will you do then? Every time you block or report someone on Twitter, you will get a direct message or some kind of intimation from Twitter that the complaint you filled has been received. In case your report is rejected, you can do the following two things:

  1. You can go to the profile of the person and block him personally so you will not see any content from him in the future.
  2. You can mute all the notifications from the said person. This way all the notifications, tweets will be muted.
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