Many apps like Facebook, Instagram, and even Tiktok apply the concept of shadow banning on their platforms. But they don’t accept it in front of the audience. In this article, you want to get to know more about what is shadow banning on Twitter? The fact is that everyone knows that these platforms prevent bots, trolls, and even spammers from creating nuisance on their platforms.

On social media we see different information; Contents and creators often motivate people to share divergent ideas with the audience. But the truth is that most of the content is either auto-generated or is spam. Even on Twitter, many a time, we see tweets that are spam. Because of these many AI , many generated tools are kept in option and implemented to remove such issues. One such tool is called shadow banning. It is mostly used for political issues Twitter is one of those social media apps that do shadow banning.

Does twitter use shadow banning?

what is shadow banning on Twitter

Now, this is a major issue to think about. Does twitter use shadow banning? If yes, then what is the shadow banning on Twitter? Some people think it is a fiction or unreal concept, while others believe it to be a real tool used by Twitter . In 2020, Twitter released a statement saying that they can terminate, remove and deny distributing content if they feel it is violating the terms of their service. They have never come up front to accept that they use shadow banning . However, their press release clearly states that they shadow ban. Because this is what shadow banning is about?

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Twitter is one of the most significant and influential app. It has every power and right to remove posts or tweets from the community without even giving intimation to anyone. No official notification will be given from their side. Shadow ban is like blocking. Twitter will shadow ban you and you will not even find out about it. The only reason Twitter shadow bans; someone is when they feel someone has violated their terms, contract, or privacy policy.

Three categories of shadow bans on Twitter

  • Thread or Ghost shadow bans – This type of ban will prevent a person from reading the comments on the tweets. The person who tweets will not face any issue. He will not even know that something has happened. But the person who is shadow banned will be restricted to read the entire thread of comments that are posted under the said tweet.
  • Search Suggestion shadow bans – It is a unique method of shadow bans. In this when any person searches for the account of another person, the search result will not show anything. 
  • Search Ban – As the name suggests, a search ban will remove your tweets from the search results . It can be your most recent tweets or all the tweets if they contain a particular word or even hashtags that are inappropriate. People that are very active on Twitter know what shadow banning is twitter is about, and they will understand that search ban is only temporary for them.
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Reasons why an account is a shadow banned from Twitter

what is shadow banning on Twitter

Twitter has rules and a privacy policy; that is just like any other social media platform. But when it comes to Twitter, some rules are immensely valuable for them, and they will not accept breaching of those rules in any way. You must carefully read all their rules and policies to prevent your account from being shadow blocked. Given; Below are some of the reasons why people get their account shadow blocked on Twitter.

  1. Trolling other users – Some people have a weird habit of trolling other users. It can be actors, bloggers, known celebrities, or even sports people. People have a habit of criticizing others and making fun of them. Up to a limit, it is fine but sometimes people go overboard and start abusing or even sending foul worded messages. Such impolite behavior can be very confusing for other people. In such a case, Twitter will mute your profile and even shadow you for harassing and violating the privacy and personal space of other people.
  2. Spamming – It is another rising issue on virtual platforms nowadays. To prevent shadow banning because of spamming, you have to be careful. You must not over-send certain information . You must not use multiple accounts to reach people with the same message. It sounds creepy and unsettling if you get the same message from different accounts. You may also rethink all the other apps that you may have linked with your Twitter account. Sometimes without your knowledge, these third-party apps can tweet on your account. We all know that there are bot issues on social media apps. One has to take utmost care when tweeting anything. You may uncurb all the permits given to other apps because they can retweet without your approval, and such tweets can be demeaning or
  3. Follow; unfollow tricks – Occasionally, people use apps to buy followers in large quantities . You can also see people following and unfollowing people at the same time. If Twitter notices such an affair, they will shadow ban the account and limit the accounts of such people.
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Now you know what is shadow banning on Twitter?