The popular social networking platform, Twitter, was first launched in the year 2006. Today, the platform is well-recognized for being one of the most well-established and extensively used social media platforms out there. With over 100 million daily active users and over 500 million tweets being sent daily.

From helping Twitter users receive news to following high-profile celebrities, there is a lot one can do using Twitter. And, because it is incredibly easy to use, let us dig deeper and learn about some essential basics to help you understand this social networking platform in a better way.

What is Twitter?

what is Twitter?

Twitter is an online social networking and news site wherein people can communicate using short messages known as tweets. Tweeting, on the other hand, refers to the posting of these short messages for all the people following one’s account on Twitter. So, ensuring that the words tweeted is not only useful but also engaging keeps the audience hooked for more. Another description of Tweeting or Twitter is known as microblogging.

While some people use this platform to discover companies online, others use the platform to discover new people. They do so, by opting to follow the tweets of all these companies, celebs, and more.

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How does Twitter work?

Twitter is pretty easy to use, both as a receiver as well as a broadcaster. Interested users can join this social networking platform for free by creating an account and a Twitter username. The users can then, send broadcasts hourly, daily, or as frequently as they would like. They can simply head to the “What’s Happening” box that is available next to their Twitter profile photo. Then, they can type 230 characters or fewer, and click Tweet. All people that follow this account on Twitter, and potentially other people who don’t, will view the Tweet. 

Encouraging people that already know you to follow you will start receiving whatever you tweet in their news feed on Twitter. To start receiving feeds on Twitter, you can press Follow to simply subscribe to everything they tweet. You can unfollow them anytime if you no longer find their tweets as interesting as before.

Twitter users can also check out all the trending topics based on whatever’s going around across the globe.

What are the risks of using Twitter?

Just like with most other social networking websites, there are young people at risk, as is in the case of Twitter. Many of the risks faced on other social networking websites are also prevalent here. 

As Twitter is more of a public platform, users can easily lock their profiles so only their followers can see whatever they tweet. However, most people keep their profiles open, so almost anyone can check whatever a Twitter user tweets or does, except for in the case of locked profiles.

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In seconds, one tweet can be sent to millions of users on Twitter as the platform is pretty much public. So, predators out there can steal any necessary personal information, pictures, school events, and locations. There is also plenty of inappropriate messages, images, retweets, and more.

What is Twitter used for?

what is Twitter?

Twitter is a social media platform whose primary purpose is to help people connect. The platform allows people to open up about their thoughts, discover stories, the biggest news, events, or just communicate with friends. Many marketers, PR teams, and celebrities also use Twitter for increasing their brand awareness and delighting one’s audiences.

  • Twitter For Marketers: Twitter is an incredibly useful platform for growing one’s following and audience through using valuable content. One can use Twitter to advertise their products, social media marketing, and growing brand awareness.
  • Twitter For Reporters: Spread breaking news can also be spread very quickly, faster than most traditional media platforms using Twitter. Thus, helping reporters impart groundbreaking information with utmost ease.
  • Twitter For Individuals: Twitter makes a great source of entertainment for friends, family, fans, spokesperson, world leaders, and more to connect and talk about topics that concern them.
  • Twitter For PR Teams: Posting important announcements, upcoming events, release dates, and keeping up-to-date with industry trends and competitors, all is made possible with this remarkable social networking platform.

Why is Twitter so popular?

Twitter is one platform that has great appeal because it is scan-friendly. One can keep track of hundreds of interesting, and engaging users, read content at glance, and engage with this content. One can communicate in completely short messages, keep their point simple, post purposeful messages by keeping them limited to 280 characters, use clever language, and write challengingly remarkable content.

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1. What is Twitter used for?

Twitter is a social media platform that is primarily used for connecting people by allowing them to share their inner thoughts with a huge audience.

2. What is Twitter, and how does it work?

Twitter is like a service for family, coworkers, and friends to communicate as well as stay connected. By exchanging messages quickly and freely. Their tweets can contain videos, text, links, or photos. These tweets will get posted on the user’s profile, sent to his or her followers, and also can be searched on the Twitter search option.

3. What is Twitter in simple words?

In simple words, Twitter is a free microblogging social networking service that permits its registered members to easily broadcast short posts using multiple devices and platforms.