The experience of getting blocked is often humiliating, frustrating, and offensive, especially on one of the most engaging social media platforms like Twitter. Blocking is like encountering a virtual penalty or punishment.

Twitter-like most social networking sites have their own rational reasons to not send you notifications upon being blocked by someone. So, you will not find a solution to your question ‘Who blocked me on Twitter?’ on Twitter. The whole intention of blocking someone is to avoid unwanted and unnecessary communication or interactions. Twitter respects its user’s privacy and decision to control the type of people who can view their content. The same is applicable when you block someone.

who’s blocked me on Twitter

You can still report an account that has blocked you. When reporting the account, try including the tweets that mention you when you left the account and their tweets and you do not follow them.

How to know who blocked me on Twitter?

Twitter does not provide any insight into who blocked you and when. You have no other option but to investigate yourself on an account-to-account basis. Here is where you need to bring out the inner Sherlock Holmes in you. If you have any particular user in mind, the work becomes easier.

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To know who blocked me on Twitter, here are the signs to check manually:

  • The other person’s tweets will not be visible to you under a particular hashtag even if they are using it extensively.
  • You stop receiving notifications regarding their account.
  • They will not be able to see retweets of your tweets either.
  • You cannot DM each other on Twitter.
  • You cannot see their comments and replies in a conversation even though both of you are mentioned in the tweet.
  • Although they can be sent the message, they will not receive it. Unlike in the case of Facebook, where you cannot mention a person anywhere if he or she blocks you, Twitter is a little sneaky. Your tweet will not be notified to the person who has blocked you and remain pending for them.
  • The most effective way to know is by trying to tag them. You will notice that you can’t tag them in any of your tweets.
  • Another accurate way is to click on the magnifying glass at the bottom of the page and search for the account you suspect has blocked you using their username or display name. Type in their account name and go to their profile page. If you can view the profile of the person in question, you are not blocked. If you were blocked, you will see a message that the user has blocked you and will not be able to view their profile.
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Basically, Twitter makes sure the person you have been blocked by never comes across any of your tweets or other activities on its platform. Your existence on Twitter is simply wiped away from them. While this is a great feature for quietly curating your feed without any discrepancies, severe aggressions, and nasty arguments, it can be aggravating to get a taste of your own medicine. No one wants to be blocked. The best way is to prevent the entire scenario by keeping your account clean and avoiding conflicts.

Another way to identify who blocked me on Twitter is through mutual friends. If you cannot remember the account name you can check the friend list of mutual friends to find it out. This can be a tedious and exhausting job especially if your friends have a huge list of followers.

Blolook the savior:

Through third-party apps, it is possible to find out who blocked me on Twitter. Blolook is such an app that provides you with the service of showing you how many Twitter accounts have blocked you. The catch is that it will not show you the usernames or actual names of those accounts.

Twitter wishes to identify as a subtle app. It does not inform you when someone unfollows you, blocks you, or chooses to remove you from their feed. Blolook capitalizes on this aspect of Twitter.

Here is how to use the service of Blolook:

who’s blocked me on Twitter

  1. Head to the website of Blolook via your computer or mobile phone.
  2. Log in with your Twitter account.
  3. Authorize the app to connect to your account. Then you might be required to log in to your Twitter account again on the same page.
  4. Scroll to the ‘your account’ box.
  5. Next to the ‘accounts blocking you’ tab, you will find the number of users that have blocked you.
  6. You can also see how many of these blocks are mutual that is, you both have blocked each other.

Also, you must be careful about fraud websites that claim to give you access to the list of people who blocked you. Some charge you a premium subscription for the service but instead end up being scammers. Unless Twitter provides a native feature or API compatibility, no tool or app can scrape the information and Twitter does not seem to be planning to come up with the feature any time in the near future.