Twitter is a social media platform that is very different from the rest. It had millions of users from different parts of the world including common people, celebrities, authors, sportsmen, etc. All Twitter users often get confused about whom should I follow on Twitter as they are not able to decide. Read this post till the end to know more about this.


Twitter has a tagline that is overloaded with good suggestions. You should follow all your interests and follow people whom you are interested in and who have relevance to you. It is a social networking site, but you may find it weird as it is different from other sites of this kind.

whom should I follow on Twitter

Social networking sites are usually meant to connect you to family and friends but Twitter has its focus somewhere else. On Twitter, people don’t have friends but they have followers. You too can buy Twitter followers if you want to have your Tweets views and Retweets.

There are times when you have to follow another kind of people. Some people also make use of Twitter for communicating with friends. They just follow a few people and sometimes have private accounts which can be viewed by people whom they follow.

Can you follow anyone on Twitter? 

Twitter is wide open for the rest. You can choose to follow any user on Twitter to see their posts regarding their lives and catch all updates from different business accounts. You can also follow those accounts which use Twitter as a source of entertainment. There are numerous Twitter accounts but no fixed way of using Twitter.

You can follow your favorite celebrities and also send any message to the authors you like. You can also post engaging, regular tweets and you will start a following soon. But there is no need of doing that as Twitter can be used to follow other accounts even if you don’t post a particular tweet.

The main topic to be discussed here is whom you should follow on Twitter. It is not simple to answer the question because of whom you follow. It is dependent on your lines and interests. Begin with adding people you know, and your friends, and also locate a few media personalities. The profiles on Twitter can be found easily with the help of a search on Twitter or Google.

When you follow a particular number of people, you just need to spend time watching your feed. Give attention to the tweeting habits of others. It will help you know some people who tweet more often and are clogging up your feed. You’ll also know if your feed on Twitter has not been updated frequently. This way, you will be able to get rid of people who tweet frequently or tell you about following extra people.

How to choose whom to follow on Twitter? 

On signing up for Twitter, the site will offer you a few recommendations about whom you should follow. This is one of the best ways of finding celebrities and following some of the creators on Twitter. There are high chances that you won’t Serviceher about them.

When you start to follow a few people, there will be a link of who to follow on the topmost navigation bar that will check your present following list and provide some of the most effective suggestions. After you check them out, it is time to start browsing. There is a page called who to follow that includes a tab named browse interests which enlists all popular accounts on Twitter category-wise.

There is also a section called browse interests such as books, entertainment, music, fashion, sports, and fun. Invest some of your time in searching, and you will come across some easily recognizable names. It is always good to give someone you don’t know a chance. You can find them to be interesting. To locate some of the most well-known users on Twitter, you can try out many third-party applications as well.

whom should I follow on Twitter

Whether you choose to follow a very small group of people the number is in the hundreds, many tools can assist you in keeping a track of all posts which flow in from the accounts you follow. The inbuilt list on Twitter lets you organize all accounts into several groups. You can prepare the groups in such a way that they can be viewed by everyone or even use them in the form of an organizational tool that can be seen only by you.

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There are many Twitter clients, which offer the same functions. With the help of these tools, you can have such fees with every post and feed which are categorized as the can’t miss groups of tweeters for celebrities, friends, etc.

There’s no particular way of following people on this platform. It all depends on whether you want to make use of it only for a particular purpose or to follow celebrities. You can also choose to create a diversified feed of people you know and other acquaintances.

That’s all you shall know about whom should I follow on TwitterIt completely depends on you whom you want to follow but it is better to follow only those accounts which can be productive for you in some way or the other.


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