Trending On YouTube

In 2011, YouTube introduced a new feature called “YouTube Trending,” which was designed to give people an update on what is popular in the social media world. It displays different videos in a list, and you can watch them in order of popularity. This list contains rising videos that are about to become trending or have already started trending.

Now, there are many things that are trending on YouTube. People are coming up with the most creative videos of them lip-syncing to songs by famous artists. Some of these new videos have reached over one hundred million views. People are also loving some of the latest music videos from different artists.

It is not unusual for Trending YouTube videos to be played millions of times each day. Some of the top trending topics include gaming livestreams, how-to videos and YouTube challenges, among others. With that said, let’s move along and learn more about what’s trending on YouTube in 2021.

YouTube Challenges

YouTube has been a very renowned platform for people to share content on. The platform, in general, has been a site where many challenges have started and have become trending. In the year 2021, YouTube challenges will continue to trend in the same way that they do now.

The most trending challenge on YouTube in 2021 is the K-pop challenge. Here, you have to do a dance in different styles for three minutes.

There is also the Big Meal Challenge, one of the most notorious challenges in the world of YouTube challenges. Here, people have to eat a big meal under an allotted time frame.

YouTube challenges are forms of entertainment for people to take part in. They can be very fun and entertaining, especially when trying to include friends in the challenge. The masses would compete with each other to create the most entertaining video possible.

YouTube challenges were popularized in 2015 by the Ice Bucket Challenge that was meant to raise awareness for ALS, which ended up raising $115 million for research.

Gaming Livestreams

YouTube trends

Another trending topic these days is the gaming livestreams on YouTube. YouTube gaming livestreams is a trend that has been in existence for about five years and has continued with popularity among gamers.

One of the main reasons for this trend is that it offers a range of benefits that are not found on any other digital platform. It offers a fresh look at what’s trending on YouTube.

It also gives an opportunity to showcase one’s abilities through different gameplay genres and share victory over more difficult challenges.

YouTube gaming livestreams provide access to replay videos, necessary critical commentary, and a never-before-seen perspective of games that cannot be found on any other platform.

This helps the viewers get a better understanding of the game while they witness it. It also helps them get up-close and personal with developers who can answer gamers’ questions in real-time, which adds to their experience.

Most gaming livestreams are played by amateurs who do it as a hobby, some as professionals who stream on YouTube full-time. Some gamers are sponsored via any combination of donations/subscriptions, brand deals, and promotional events.


Surely, we couldn’t have missed this niche genre that has been blowing up on YouTube lately.

ASMR is trending right now, and it has been for a little while now. It’s a type of video that the user creates to provide the viewer with a tingly or relaxing experience as they watch.

Eating is one of the most popular ASMR triggers. When people watch videos of someone eating, they are usually really relaxed, calm, and able to have a great sleep. It also triggers an ASMR tingling feeling in some people’s ears, which makes them even more relaxed.

Furthermore, there are many ASMR videos that are intended to help people sleep. Along with ASMR videos, there are also ASMR sounds, which include the sound of tapping, whispering and rustling.

How-To Videos

YouTube How-to videos are trending. These videos are instructional videos that teach viewers how to do something – anything from makeup to cooking to science experiments.

An example of a popular YouTube How-to video is “YTP kids does chemical reactions.” This video shows two children performing the experiment, demonstrating the materials necessary for the experiment, and showing the steps taken during the experiment.

These types of videos are so popular because they are full of information that people are unable to find elsewhere. There is also an element of education in them because they teach people how to do things that they may not have known before.

As social media has become more prevalent, people have begun watching these YouTube How-to videos instead of reading YouTube comments or tweets. People are also choosing to watch these videos because they can rewatch them as many times as necessary until they have performed the task successfully.

Considering everything, you can, too, start creating videos on any of the above topics if you want to become YouTube famous.

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