recording videos for YouTube

You have created a new YouTube channel, and you are just figuring your way around recording a video for content. Then this is the article you are looking for to get you started with your YouTube channel.

YouTube is the go-to place when it comes to finding content on a wide variety of subjects. It has become almost synonymous with video content. In fact, it has become one of the most sought-after venues for earning income through video content.

This article will give you an easy guide on how to record videos for YouTube and the equipment required for recording. It will also give you a quick insight into what to consider while making content for your channel.

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Recording a video for YouTube

Recording a video for your YouTube channel is not a daunting task. It might be overwhelming if you are just getting started with the idea, confused with the equipment, and unsure about what to create. Fear not; you can get all of the confusion sorted out with this guide. For recording a video, you need to first get your hands on the recording devices. Standard recording devices like a webcam, mobile device, or video camera can get the job done depending on the kind of videos you create. Be it outdoor, inside, or in a studio, getting the right equipment is necessary.

Recording using a Webcam

The easiest and simple way to record a video without much hassle is by using a webcam. Computers come with a good built-in webcam; if not, you can always get hold of an external camera. You can use the computer webcam by opening the camera app, configuring the recording option available, and then straightforward recording.  This device is advised for an indoor recording, as the device’s mobility is limited. Works best for an informal personal video recording. Here is a step by step guide using a YouTube webcam

  • Set up your webcam. Use the YouTube webcam capture feature
  • On the YouTube page, select the upload button on the top-right corner.
  • You will find the webcam capture option, select the record option and start recording your video.
  • There is a YouTube built-in editing feature that can help you edit and give you professional tuning.

Recording using a mobile phone

You do not need a whole lot of devices to start making a video; just a smartphone can get the job done. Smartphones these days come with quite decent camera quality.  It is best for impromptu video captures and also for the outdoor shoot as it is easy and portable. You can use the go to your camera icon on your mobile phone, choose the option for video, use filters features if there are any, and start filming.

You can also use the free YouTube mobile app to record videos that come with editing options. Post-editing, you can directly upload on Youtube through the app.

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Recording using a professional recording equipment

A little investment in professional equipment can give you better and professional video quality. You can get a high-quality video camera and additional accessories like a microphone, lighting, or a tripod to get your videos recorded.

What to record?

It is very pertinent that you take time thinking and strategizing what content you want to upload. Here are some simple steps to guide you into making the right video for your audience

  • Know your audience- make sure you know which demography you are making the video for. Start by identifying your audience, what kind of content audiences look for. Doing so will take you a long way in getting the right topic for your content.
  • Finding your niche- know what you are good at and narrow down ideas based on your interests and niche. You don’t want to be making content that you have no idea about.
  • Research- before making any video, make sure you research the topic to get a better overview.
  • Look into what is trending and happening, especially if you want to get those views and probably go viral.
  • Prepare a good script that can get you those likes and hits on your video.

These staple guides will ease you into making the perfect content for your YouTube channel.


If you need additional help or a guide, you can get tutorials for youtube too. Don’t shy away from asking for help, especially if you are a beginner. With the above given easy guide, you can start recording with ease and uploading it on your YouTube channel.