best YouTuber Equipment

YouTube is no longer an option when it comes to creating valuable content online. As of today, YouTube has 1.9 billion active users per month, and 82% of these are spending time on the platform every single day! This isn’t just a source for people to watch random videos they find interesting or even learn something new either. The majority of content on YouTube is made up of vlogsproduct reviews and gaming videos.

With that said, let’s find out what YouTuber equipment is used to make such YouTube content.

What is YouTuber Equipment?

YouTube equipment is a broad concept that refers to specific pieces of equipment needed in order for a device, system, or network to be compatible with YouTube so it can support or sustain its purpose.

For example, YouTuber equipment would refer to the equipment needed by a YouTuber in order to produce and release videos on YouTube. YouTuber equipment can vary depending on the type of content being created.

For example, a YouTuber who is creating vlogs would need very different types of equipment than a YouTuber who is filming gameplays or cooking videos.

Equipment Needed for YouTube

Equipment Needed for YouTube

YouTube is an excellent platform for anyone to make videos. These videos can be used to garner attention, create income, and even become famous. It takes a lot of equipment to make a high-quality video because YouTube has set very strict guidelines for uploaders.

Here are some of the equipment that YouTubers need in order to up their game:


You’ll first need a decent camera with at least 1080p Full HD quality capabilities. If you’re going for a handheld look, we suggest you go for a mirrorless camera that’s extremely lightweight and easy to carry around.

We don’t recommend DSLRs because they’re really bulky and difficult to balance while you’re filming. Additionally, having an underwater camera is great for filming underwater shots/vlogging. Just try to imagine how that would look.


A quality microphone will also be needed. If you plan on recording audio for anything more than gun noises and simple dialogue, then investing in a decent microphone is absolutely crucial. We recommend a USB microphone. It’s very high quality and can pick up audio clearly from across the room.

If you don’t invest in a good mic, your videos will likely sound extremely quiet or garbled.


You will also need a tripod. It’s important to be in the shot when filming, so this will make sure you are always in the picture. There are plenty of tripods with different sizes and shapes available at electronics stores or camera stores.

If you plan on doing any kind of vlogging or recording stationary videos, then it’s absolutely crucial that you have a tripod to keep your camera still. A good tripod will allow you to position your camera however you want, preventing any shakiness or blurriness in the footage.

Smartphone Mount

If you like doing run-throughs/unboxings on your videos, then consider getting a smartphone mount. You can find this product at any electronics store or on Amazon.

If and when you do collab videos (with another YouTuber), one of the best things to do is to film each other with your phones. It’s very simple, but it’s also great for views and followers because if the other Youtuber sees your video, then they will want to check out your channel too.

Green Screen

You can buy a green screen background on Amazon or at any camera store. Green screens are used for making backgrounds/themes for different videos. You can also use these to do cool effects with lightsabers and explosions! They are not very expensive to buy either.


Good lighting is essential for any kind of video recording—especially if you plan on filming in dark areas or outdoors. You may think that filming in sunlight is good enough, but you’ll find out shortly when your videos are too bright because of the sun.

If you film in dim lighting, make sure to use dimmable bulbs around your area. The last thing you want is for your video or footage to be blown out because of lighting.

Editing Software

Editing software is necessary for you to create top-quality videos. If you’re new, we recommend using iMovie or Windows Movie Maker software. We also highly recommend Adobe Premiere Pro for more advanced editing.

With all these equipment, nothing can stop you from becoming a successful YouTuber. That said, if you want more eyes on your content, you can buy organic subscribers from our website. At Adfluencer, you can even purchase additional views to boost your YouTube videos.


One thing to remember is that YouTube equipment isn’t necessary for creating videos—it just makes the process easier. If you’ve got a cell phone with extremely good video quality, then that’s more than enough to get started on YouTube.