When we talk about YouTube, YouTube channel art forms one of the most important parts of this social media channel alongside the actual video content that is produced. When people visit a channel, its art is the first thing that they see and it usually represents and symbolizes the creator’s brand at the top of his profile. One does not need to be a professional designer to create a cool art of his channel.

However, if anyone has a lack of self-confidence in his creative skills, they can take the help of the following coolest YouTube channel art examples.

Coolest YouTube Channel Art Examples

  1. Putting the logo in the right place

The first thing that a creator needs to do before doing anything else on YouTube is to create his identity. The best way to create that is by making a proper logo and placing it in a good and visible place. The coloring of the logo should also be to the point so that it represents the logo in a good respectable manner. The new visitors will first notice the logo on a creator’s page which helps in creating a long-lasting impression in the minds of the viewers and helps in getting the viewers subscribed.

Coolest YouTube Channel Art Examples

  1. Having a Simple Image with a Clear Message-

While making a YouTube channel Art, it should be kept in mind that the art should be very simple and nothing out of ordinary. A simple form of art with a clear and to-the-point message is always appealing to its viewers . The use of multiple images and logos for creating YouTube art should be avoided. It makes things only complicated and hard for the viewer to understand.

  1. The Brand Colors
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The YouTube channel art should not only look aesthetic but the consistency of the colors used to make it should also be maintained. The viewers always like those things with which they can understand and connect themselves. Having a simple and consistent art form also helps an individual to become a good influencer and set up his exclusive merchandise stores.

  1. Links of social media and websites-

The links of social media handles and other website links associated with the creator can also be added to it. This helps the creator get more exposure among his audiences. A great way to design a YouTube channel is just by creating a logo and adding nothing to the right-hand corner of it except his social media handles.

  1. TheDimensions

Nowadays with the means of modern technology, YouTube can be accessed in all sorts of gadgets with the likes of computers, mobile phones and even televisions. This increases the possibility of the larger images getting cropped out. All the essential elements need to be added in the safe area of ​​the creator’s image.

The YouTube Channel Art dimensions mentioned bellowed are necessary for the correct display of image-

The size of the file should not be more than 6 Mb.

The maximum width should be 2560 x 423 screen pixels.

For uploading, the minimum dimension required is 2048 x 1152 pixels.

To get the best results on every device, the dimension should be 2560 x 1440 pixels.

If you want your art to be among the coolest YouTube channel art examples , the first thing that you are probably going to need is good software. Although there is plenty of software that is capable of producing excellent art, nothing comes close to Adobe Photoshop. Here are the ways how you can make your own YouTube channel art.

How To Start with YouTube Channel Art

  • First you have to download the YouTube channel art templates. After downloading it, you can see clearly that the image files and fonts are different. Select the theme of your choice and then double click on the font file and select the “install font” option.
  • You have to then open it on Photoshop by clicking on the image file.
  • Select the art template type on which you are going to work on first.
  • If you wish, you can easily change the fonts and colors from the menu situated on the left-hand side. The text can also be edited just by double-clicking on that particular text.
  • You can also edit the color block by double-clicking on it using the menu situated on the left-hand side.
  • In the same way the photos can also be edited by double click. The image size can be resized too.
  • For saving the art template one has to go to Save, then Export as followed by Abroad to Files. The file extension of the image should be either .jpg or .png.
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How to Change YouTube, Channel Art

Coolest YouTube Channel Art Examples

  • The user first needs to sign in to his desktop.
  • From the top-right menu, he then needs to select My Channel.
  • One has to then click on Add Channel Art.
  • An image has to be then uploaded from the desktop or one can just click on the Gallery Tab to choose a photo from the YouTube library.
  • It is from here that one can get the preview of the art which can be viewed on other devices. One can also click on Adjust the crop if he feels like making changes.

So, to make your name set one of the coolest YouTube channel art examples , all the rules and basics mentioned above are the keys to achieving that. It also depends on the creative skills of an individual but one should at least try if he feels like doing it. Without trying one cannot achieve the success that he desires.