Creating a YouTube Playlist is very easy and anyone can do it within a few seconds. YouTube Playlist is a great feature to segregate videos in an organized manner. This will help the users for easy access and professional viewing. A user can add his favorite videos to a Playlist and later access it to watch them. Videos of different kinds can be added to different Playlists, meaning each Playlist can contain a unique set of videos. A Playlist can be created for two key purposes:

  1. A user can create numerous Playlists while watching videos on YouTube
  2. A YouTube creator can create Playlists to neatly organize the videos he posted. This will help his subscribers or audience find the videos easily, as they will be arranged category-wise.

This article will help you learn how to create a YouTube Playlist. We will look at the steps to create a Playlist, both from a user’s and Creator’s point of view. If you own a channel, you can buy YouTube subscribers to reach more audiences.

Creating a YouTube playlist

How to create a YouTube Playlist? 

Follow the below steps to create a YouTube Playlist:

  1. Watch a video that you want to add to the Playlist.
  2. You can see the Save option under the video. Press that.
  3. Now, choose a playlist. You can either select Watch Later or add the video to a playlist that you have already created. You should press Create new playlist option to add the video to a new Playlist. Type the playlist name.
  4. Choose the playlist’s privacy setting.
  5. Press Create button.

You have now added the video that you want to a playlist. To access the playlist, go to the YouTube site or app, and go to the library tab. You will see the playlists that you created. Click on the specific playlist to play the videos added to that playlist.

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One can create as many playlists on YouTube. There is no restriction. When a user searches for a particular video using a keyword, the appropriate playlist will appear on top. Once the playlist is clicked, all the videos in the playlist will start playing.

Advantages of Creating a YouTube Playlist – For YouTube Creators 

Compared to regular users, YouTube Playlist offers great advantages for creators as they can not only neatly organize their videos through Playlist but also get other benefits. Below are the advantages enjoyed by YouTube creators by creating a YouTube playlist.

  • SEO Benefits

SEO is an important aspect to be dealt with by YouTube creators. To make their videos appear on top search results, the creators should optimize the SEO and use relevant keywords. YouTube Playlist can help your videos appear on top search results.

Want to know how? Your Playlist is going to contain appropriate titles as per the videos updated in it. When the audience search for a particular topic, your Playlist may appear on top search results if you used the right keywords.

The title of your Playlist must contain correct keywords, which also matches with keywords used in video titles and description. If you do this, your videos have a high chance of appearing on top results. This will increase your channel popularity and video views. Higher video views mean higher ad views. Higher Ad views will result in higher revenue. Now you know why creating a YouTube Playlist is essential.

  • Increased watch time

When a user clicks a video on a Playlist, the next video will play automatically. This will make the audience sit and watch consecutive videos on your channel. This will increase your YouTube channel’s watch time.

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Increased watching hours means increased reach of your channel on YouTube. The audience will also get to check out other Playlists on your channel if they liked the one that played first.

  • Overall idea about your channel

If a new set of viewers tap on your Playlist after it appeared on top search results, they will instantly get to know what your channel is about. Example: If your Playlist is titled ‘Spain diaries’ and contains videos of your travel vlog in Spain, the viewers will know your channel is about travel. If the viewers like your Playlist and the videos in it, they will even subscribe to your channel.

  • Increased views

When a particular video from your YouTube Playlist is played, the subsequent videos will appear on the right side in related videos. Viewers will easily check out your other videos. This will increase your video views. YouTube algorithm also makes your related videos appear to the viewers based on a theme. All these will help you increase the video views.

Creating a YouTube playlist

  • Easy accessibility

Viewers can engage in the shuffle, repeat, and loop options with your Playlist. If they like all the videos in your Playlist, they are likely to watch the videos again and again. This is especially true for podcasts and music videos. This will give the users easy accessibility to your videos and also will increase your video views and watch time. All these have great benefits to the reach of your YouTube channel.

By now you’d have understood YouTube Playlist has a lot of benefits for both creators and viewers. Creators can explore all they want in Playlists, by keeping creative titles and adding relevant videos. Creating a YouTube playlist.

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