With YouTube being the second largest app widely used globally for searching everything you need to know under the sun, the app gives basic flexibility in terms of interaction via the comment section located below the respective video you are watching. To leave a reply or comment, you need to sign in to your Google account/Email ID for authentication.

Given the circumstance, as an influencer with followers constantly keeping a tab on you, there comes a situation whereby you need to disable certain comments which are intended to cause mental harm. You may also wish to delete a comment due to privacy issues, heated arguments or using verbiages that did not fall under the YouTube behavioral guidelines.

Here is what you can do:  

The technique to find comments on YouTube is the same for your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop. To look for comments, you will have to use the browser page on your smartphone. This cannot be achieved through the app. However, it is not rocket science. YouTube is a user-friendly app that will help you find just what you are looking for!

  • Click on the sandwich bar on your YouTube homepage and select ‘History’ from the main menu.
  • Look for the section ‘Comments’ by clicking on the bubble, which will be located on your right screen.
  • Search for the particular comment/comments you are looking for, and once you have found such, you have the option to share or delete the comment by simply clicking on the three dots.
  • If you wish to edit on the same comment, click on the ‘Edit’ button. This will automatically redirect you to the particular video under which the comment was uploaded, and you can do your necessary editing without any hassle.

Watch this one-minute video to get a better idea of the same:

How to Find your Comments on YouTube 2021!

Find Your Comments on YouTube

The following guidelines will not only help you find your old comments, edit, share or delete them, but YouTube will also present to you every comment of the past in just a matter of seconds. Thus, the YouTube database is legit reliable. Unless you have taken measures to remove content, delete comments, or block subscribers, this app will continue to be a warehouse for all your hard works.

youtube comments

Speaking of retrieving comments, as an influencer, you may also want to gear yourself with the proper knowledge of how you can block spam comments from corrupting the authenticity of your content.

Spam comments are those comments which are meant to take people’s interest off your channel by making derogatory remarks about your content or get your audience’s attention by providing fake details relating to bank accounts, coupon codes, offers or any other relatable factors. You do not want your channel to be linked with anything that is not authentic.

To be ahead of the game here is what you can do: 

  • Go to the settings tab.
  • Click onto the community tab.
  • Add people you can have in your channel under ‘moderators.’ these moderators will do specific tasks for your channel, such as removing hateful comments for you.
  • Add people who you approve to make comments and interact under ‘approve users’
  • In the ‘hidden users,’ add your trolls and haters. These trolls may be the ones affecting your space and energy by adding hateful comments. You do not want first-time viewers to visit your channel and start assuming all things about you just because of these trolls. Once you add their channel under this category, they will no longer be able to access your comment box.
  • The next category is the ‘block word’ section. You can put any word you do not tolerate inside the block word—examples such as words or sentences connected with racism, cultural biases, etc. Type the keywords, and YouTube will automatically block the comments relating to these words after giving you access to review those comments.

YouTube is a great platform to earn money and gain popularity as well. However, to achieve these two factors, you will need to have a good number of subscribers and viewers. Your interaction with the greater audience through the comment section also plays a vital role in building a community.

Besides YouTube, you may be having other social media accounts such as tik tok, Instagram, etc. These other sites also have flexibility for your viewers to drop in a comment or two. However, the method for searching comments on these sites are less manual as compared to YouTube. You simply have to scroll down your comments section to identify specific comments. Likewise, if you swipe comments to the right, the option for deleting the particular comment will be on your screen itself.