Highlighted Comment On YouTube

Ever seen highlighted texts inside a textbook or on billboards? Yes, these features help captivate the attention of the reader towards a particular text. Highlighted comments on YouTube fulfill the exact purpose. YouTubers use these features to bring their follower’s attention to a certain comment. If you wish to know more, it’ll do you good if you were to keep on reading our guide on what does Highlighted Comment mean on YouTube.

What Does Highlighted Comment Mean On YouTube?

As stated earlier, the purpose of a highlighted comment is to bring your attention to it. That way, it’s easier for you, as a user, to carry out interactions much more efficiently. We don’t have to remind you how crucial engagements for the growth of your channel.

The most interesting bit is that neither creators nor their massive following can create these highlighted comments. When you see comments highlighted on a video, there’s no ulterior motive behind it.

That is, it’s not really an issue about it being a bad or a good thing. The comment is there to assist users in navigating comments that they might become interested in.

The most basic purpose of highlighted comments is to grab the attention of the user. Also, just because these comments are highlighted for you, that doesn’t mean the same is true for other users.

Highlighted Comments

Highlighted youtube comments

When you come across a video that has “Highlighted Comments,” it could be due to a few factors.

Say you’re watching a video on YouTube, and you leave a comment there. When the YouTuber or anyone replies back to your comment, you’ll get to know in the form of a notification.

By the way, if you’re YouTuber, you know that it’s vital for you to market and brand your channel, right?

Once you receive the notification and click on that, the tag “Highlighted Comment” will accompany the comment.

So, what just happened? You were able to find the reply to your comments so much more easily thanks to the “Highlighted Comment” feature.

The same holds true for YouTubers. Suppose you posted a video on your channel.

When your followers post a comment on your video, you’ll be able to find it quickly. It will appear with the same tag.

Also, as a YouTuber, this feature is extremely efficient. That’s because it makes it easier for you to interact with your followers.

That will help you drive more engagements and traffic to your videos resulting in more views and more subscribers. These factors will ultimately account for more earnings for you.

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Better Than Pinned Comments?

Unlike Highlighted Comments, Pinned Comments are intentional. A YouTuber has control over it, and they can choose to pin whichever comments they wish.

YouTubers employ Pinned Comments as an extension of caption/description for their videos in the comments section.

When you watch a video, and if YouTuber has made use of this feature, that comment will appear as a Pinned Comment, not a Highlighted Comment.

But here’s the funny bit. Since Highlighted Comments are automated and not under the control of anyone, oftentimes, these comments appear even above Pinned Comments.

Replying To A Highlighted Comment

So you posted a comment on a video. It doesn’t really matter if the video you commented on belongs to you or not.

Somebody replies back to your comment. Once you receive the notification and click on the timestamp of the comment, the app is going to highlight the comment too.

These Highlighted Comments will then appear in the comment section. That, too, over Pinned Comments.


At the same time, you must keep a few points in mind. Remember that when you reply to a Highlighted Comment, that particular video is going to reload.

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Once the video reloads, the app is going to notify the user who commented on your reply. They’re going to receive a notification saying that they’ve got a “Highlighted Reply.”

Also, remember that even if you’re the owner of the video, you cannot mess with these features. These are out of your control.

It’s an automated feature. But you can still take advantage of it to drive engagements with your subscribers. Replying to your loyal follower’s Highlighted Comments isn’t really a bad idea.


Thus, it’s clear that these Highlighted Comments are merely very efficient and automated YouTube features. These are ideal for making the user experience on the platform and navigation through the comment very simple and easy. It’s not intentional and cannot be used to make YouTube comments appear more.

The feature becomes exceptionally helpful, especially for videos that get thousands of comments every single day. In a way, it acts as a filtration system and helps users’ relevant comments easily.

That way, they can simply skip other comments and reply back to other Highlighted Comments without much hassle.