1 Million YouTube Views Worth

YouTube is a video-sharing site where anyone can upload and watch videos. Anyone with a computer, webcam and internet connection can make their own channel for free. However, only the most successful YouTubers have channels that attract more than one million views.

In the following write-up, we will look into why a channel needs more than one million views, and you can also find some helpful tips on how to get more YouTube views for your channel.

How Much Is 1 Million YouTube Views Worth?

youtube million views

The question may seem abstract to you, but in reality, it is quite an important question. The answer to this all-important question could make the difference in how successful your company is in the future, and if you need a quick calculation of its worth, we can help. So, what is the answer?

Money will not buy happiness, but it can buy 1 million YouTube views. That’s right – 1 million YouTube views will cost you $5,000 at most. Look on sites such as Fiverr for freelancers who provide high-quality views through their services.

For $250, they will give you 10k views, and for $500, they will give you 100k views. It is so easy, and it is a great way to get your company in front of a worldwide audience.

So, how do you know if this is the right choice for your business? Well, it boils down to two key factors:

  • Is there a market for what you have to offer?
  • Will this give you the coverage needed to enter that market?

With a million views, you will definitely have the first one covered. The only way left to find out if this is right for your business is how much it costs and if people will buy what you are selling with 1 million YouTube views.

Now that you know these numbers, hopefully, you can make an informed decision.

All in all, 1 million YouTube views can be purchased for around $5k. If you are ready to put in the work, you will have a very good chance at having your company become successful with 1 million YouTube views.

Why does your channel need 1 million+ Views?

YouTube is a business; profit is their goal, and it’s up to us as content creators to keep our channels growing and encourage those views to turn into profit.

Some of the benefits your business will achieve by having more than one million YouTube views:

  • You will gain a higher ranking on Google and YouTube’s search engine. This makes it easier for potential customers to find you.
  • Your videos will be able to rank high on Google for certain keywords, which can generate a lot of traffic to your site from potential customers.
  • A large number of views will attract the attention of major corporations and advertisers who will be interested in advertising their products on your channel or even sponsoring a video. However, this is a tough market.
  • You may earn money by allowing companies to advertise on your channel, and this will need a large number of views.
  • You can also earn profit by selling merchandise related to your videos or by promoting other people’s websites in the description of all your videos.
  • More than 1 million YouTube views will show that you are an influencer which means that it is worth paying for collaborations with individuals with a larger following than yourself.
  • Your YouTube channel will become more of a media site and less like an individual. This can help you get new opportunities and even open up the door to television or radio adverts.

What should you do with the profits from 1 million+ YouTube views?

YouTube is an incredibly complex website, and it’s not easy to get a lot of views on a video. However, there are a few things that you can do which will help increase the number of people who view your videos:

  • Promote your video on your other social media channels. This includes Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  • Run adverts for your videos to promote them.
  • Comment on other popular YouTube videos in your niche and share them with your followers.
  • Submit guest posts or mention you in blog posts, interviews or podcasts related to your niche.

How To Get 1 Million YouTube Views In 12 Months?

The first thing you will want to do is research how many views similar videos have achieved. If your channel doesn’t have any content that has had even 100,000 views, then it’s unlikely that you will be able to achieve 1 million views in just one year.

You need to start small and then build up a following for your channel before you can expect to have a million views.

You will also want to work on creating content with universal appeal, which means videos that are not targeted at a specific niche but rather they have the potential to attract a large number of viewers from all over the world.

Try and think of topics that will be appealing to a large number of demographics, such as:

  • How-To Videos
  • Pranks
  • Challenges
  • Comedy Sketches

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