YouTube CPM

YouTube CPM is the cost per 1,000 views on your video. Whenever someone watches a video, one view will be counted as one watch. If this person watches the video for 10 seconds or 10 minutes, it will still count as one view. This is because you are paid the same rate no matter how long they are watching.

Depending on how popular your YouTube channel is, you can earn a lot of money for 1,000 views. The more people are watching the video, the more you are paid.

For instance, say you have 100 subscribers or your videos have been shared by famous YouTubers. Then, there will be a higher demand for your videos, and thus the more you will be paid for 1,000 views.

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That said, there are many things that go into determining how much YouTube CPM actually is. If your videos have more keywords and tags involved, there will be a higher demand for your video.

This means that it will cost the company more to show your video on their website. As a result, they will pay you a higher rate for those views.

How to Calculate CPM?

calculating YouTube CPM

CPM is the cost per thousand impressions.

To calculate CPM:

  1. Divide total ad revenue by total impressions to determine average cost per ad (e.g., $10,000/500,000 = $0.02)
  2. Divide average cost per ad by 1,000 to get the cost per impression (e.g., $0.02/1000 = $0.002)
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Each impression that appears on the site is counted by 1,000. This number mainly comes into play when dealing with large amounts of impressions.

Let’s say you’re trying to determine how much your ad revenue will be for 1 million page views or 10 million page views. Then, it’s easier to use this calculation instead of dividing the two numbers together.

The calculation is used by publishers to determine how much they should charge advertisers for ad space. It is based on the idea that 1,000 impressions are equal to one viewer/reader.

Therefore, if you have an average CPM of $2, you would make $2 every time 1,000 users see your ad. For example, if there are 2,000 impressions, you would make $4.

By dividing the total ad revenue by the total number of page views/impressions, you can determine how much money your website made. Say, if you have an average CPM of $2 and 10,000 views on the site, then you would have earned $20.

How Do you Make CPM on YouTube?

To make CPM, one must sign up with an ad agency. The company will provide the user with a link to their account on YouTube. Then the user needs to set up their video.

Make sure they have at least five minutes’ worth of video content. Once the video is uploaded, the user will have to put in some text about what products are being sold. They will also have to add how much money they will receive for each click on the advertisement.

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This will be the amount that YouTube advertises on behalf of that person or company. Therefore, it can’t be very high, or there won’t be any profit so don’t worry about it!

After this, users can choose who they want to advertise too: males aged 18-34, females aged 18-34, all gamers, etc. The ad agency will do a test to see how much traffic the advert gets and if there’s enough so that they can take a cut from the money made.

The main reason why people have these ads is that YouTube videos are very popular, and users can make a lot of money from doing something they’re already doing for free.

Making CPM Using Google AdSense

There are many different CPM channels on YouTube, but we have found that Google AdSense works best for most. Google AdSense also seems to have the most advertisers who are willing to provide a high enough CPM rate.

Step 1: You will need to have an account with Google AdSense.

Step 2: Add your channel to the network so it can be approved for monetization by YouTube.

Step 3: When you see an ad appear in your video, you can click on it, and it will take you to a page where advertisers compete for space on your videos. This is when you can place bids on any of the spaces that are up for auction, but know that the highest bidder gets the space.

The CPM rates on these ads are set by the advertisers, and you will never know how much they bid unless you decide to compete with them.

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Step 4: After your account is approved for monetization, Google AdSense starts placing ads in all of your videos, and you just collect income based on their CPM rate.