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The internet is a great resource for videos and other forms of entertainment. Most people get their news online, and even young children watch cartoons on the internet.

Videos are an important part of life in this day and age because it helps you stay entertained, current and informed about what’s going on around the world. The people who create these viral content are among the most famous people in the world.

However, not everyone is a famous viral video creator. There are some individuals that have found fame by being a part of internet culture. Some became famous by just being themselves and making hilarious videos about their lives for others to enjoy.

It’s always interesting to learn about these internet stars and get a glimpse into their daily lives. That said, if you’ve been wondering, “who is the richest YouTuber?” you’ve come to the right page.

Who is the Richest YouTuber?

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You might be surprised to know this, but the richest YouTuber as of 2021 is none other than a nine-year-old kid named Ryan Kaji. He is an amazing kid who has managed to amass 30 million subscribers in just five years.

Ryan loves doing all sorts of fun things, like pretend play and more. His YouTube channel “Ryan’s World” reflects this passion for mischief as well. He covers everything from science experiments (and sometimes failed ones!), music videos or skits with friends on camera through DIY arts & crafts projects that kids can make themselves at home too.

If it involves playing around, then chances are Ryan will show up somewhere along the way. Ryan also creates educational videos where kids learn through creativity inspired by their hobbies.

This means they can enjoy making learning fun instead – this was what got him so popular with young audiences all across America.

Other Rich YouTubers

Below are some of the richest YouTubers worldwide:

Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg (PewDiePie)

Felix Kjellberg, famously known as PewDiePie, is a 28-year-old YouTube celebrity whose channel has more than 50 million subscribers. His net worth was estimated at $30-$50 million, making him one of the wealthiest Internet celebrities in existence today.

In 2017 however, after having his annual income decline for two straight years from 2016 -2017, he seemed to be past prime when it came down not only to work but also other ventures outside gaming. It includes publishing books and hosting web series on YouTube Red called Scare PewDiePie.

Beast (Jimmy Donaldson)

Jimmy has ambitions that extend far beyond the typical YouTube millionaire. His videos combine stunts and humor, but in order for him to reach 100 million subscribers by 2021, he’ll need your help.

I’m talking about one of this generation’s most incredible new stars: Jimmy Donaldson. With almost 50 million followers on his own channel combined with Ryan’s World (7+million,) it is still stunning enough for nearly half of YouTube itself.

It’s not bad when you consider 2 billion views within half a year makes this guy something like a power user or micro famous.

Logan Paul

Logan Paul’s popularity on YouTube remains strong despite his controversial behavior. As a matter of fact, it seems like there are more people watching him than before with the number of subscribers he still has.

He has had 3 billion views in three years’ time since starting his channel back when neither scandal nor backlash would affect this vlogger’s success level.

The Japanese Suicide Scene Controversy launched 22-year-old Logan into stardom. However, his viewers may grow tired if he continues producing mediocre content or shocking videos. This could lead them running away from him just as fast they came running towards him.

Jake Paul

Jake Paul is the younger brother of the well-known YouTube personality, Logan Paul. He gained fame on Vine before moving onto other social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and his own channel, JakePaulSavage.

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He created his channel in 2012, where videos have accumulated over 4 billion views since launching three years ago, with more than 16 million subscribers at this time last year. This made him one among the 15 richest YouTubers overall.

The 22-years old has released a new single, “It’s Everyday Bro,” about being an internet celebrity without any scandals or controversies surrounding himself yet.

But there are some who say you can’t avoid them because popularity means nothing if your actions don’t match up. So, be sure to stay tuned for what happens next from everyone’s favorite bro.

How to Become a Rich YouTuber?

If you are interested in becoming a rich YouTube star, the first step is to create an entertaining channel for your viewers. Once you have created your channel, be sure to stand out from the crowd. Create videos that are different from everything else on the site. Find out what types of videos people are looking for and make those types of videos instead.

Once you’re done with all that, you’ll need enough subscribers and views to boost your channel. For that, you can buy real YouTube subscribers as well as organic views for your YouTube videos from Adfluencer.