YouTube was first launched on the 14th February 2005, it started offering movies to viewers in 2010. Since then, this platform has also built up its reputation as one of the best places to watch a movie, whether it is for free, on rent, or by payment. The options are plenty but it is the choice of the viewer which makes the job very hard. If someone still does not know how to watch free movies on YouTube, the steps mentioned below will be very useful. The world of social media first tasted its success with the introduction of YouTube. Not only it has revolutionized the concept of art or creativity but it has also served as a pillar of income for multiple independent companies and creators.                                    


How to Watch Free Movies on YouTube

free movies on YouTube

Nowadays we like to watch a lot of movies and entertainment shows but we think twice before spending money on these programs. YouTube helps a lot in this case as it offers most of these shows completely free and thus saves our hard earn money. But one also needs to bear with the annoying ads that come throughout these shows. The steps for watching free movies on YouTube are: –

  1. The user first needs to sign into his account by going to YouTube’s official site which is
  2. After signing in the user needs to move the cursor down to the “More from YouTube” section. He has to then select the “Movies and Shows” option. 
  3. He has to then scroll down to go to the “Free to Watch” section which comes under the “Movies “tab.
  4. On the right side of the “Free to Watch” section is located “View All”. The user has to click on it. 
  5. In the final step, the user has to make the most difficult task which is choosing among the hundreds of movies that he wants to watch.  

How to Watch Free Movies on YouTube App

In case, if anyone is wondering if there is a way to watch the movies free on the YouTube app, then there is no definite way to get to the “Movies and Shows” section due to the simplicity of the app. But still, there is a way out of this difficulty: –

  1. The first step is very simple. One simply needs to open the YouTube app on his Android phone or iPhone. 
  2. The user has to then type “Free Movies” on the search bar. 
  3. Just below the “YouTube Movies” heading is located the “Free to Watch” section, which the user has to scroll down to. 
  4. Finally, the user has to choose the movie that he wants to watch. 

As there is no precise section for the movies on the app, one can also save his desired movie and include it in the “Save for later” section. This makes it convenient for the user to watch that movie later at his convenience. 

Why YouTube Offers Free Movies:

free movies on YouTube

While it may be true that watching movies on YouTube may not be as good or as comfortable to that as watching movies on online OTT platforms such as Netflix or Prime Video, still, it gives us a few choices for free which hardly anyone can bargain for. The collection mainly consists of action and romantic-comedy movies of the early 70s and 80s but still, it provides us with some classics as well, such as Rocky and The Terminator.

Not only do these free entertainments benefit the viewers and users but also paved the way for financial success for many advertising companies as well. The service was initially introduced based on user demands but later on, the sponsorships from many companies also resulted in premium exclusive screening for the YouTube influencers and viewers.

This is a win-win situation not only for the production houses by which the movies were produced, but also helped the sponsorship companies and the viewers. It is due to the pre-existing partnerships of YouTube with multiple Hollywood studios, that this social media platform has been able to offer these movies to its viewers as a bonus along with their merchandise products. Nowadays many movies are even released on online platforms such as YouTube but they come for free only for premium users and not for normal users.

Since the role of sponsorships and advertisement revenues have significantly increased over the last few years through the help of YouTube videos, the number of movies available for the viewers to watch for free has also increased respectably. 

There is still work to do for YouTube to improve its movie collection and although the company has mentioned a significant number of times before that they are working hard and trying to fulfill the demand of the viewers, they still have a long way to catch up. The users may also find the user interface to be not as good as that of other OTT platforms but they must be aware of the fact that YouTube is not an OTT platform.

The contents and productions are much different here. We as users can only be optimistic about the fact that YouTube can come up with a good collection of movies in the future and earn its reputation as it has done as a social media platform. Till then we can enjoy the contents that we watch from the channels that we are subscribed to


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