Spending quality time on YouTube also includes wondering how much YouTubers make. YouTube is a forever sensation! It needs no introduction. Almost all of us are familiar with YouTube as it has become part and parcel of our lives. We spend most of our leisure time surfing YouTube for interesting videos. At times, many get so involved with YouTube videos that they spend the entire day watching videos of different categories.

how much do YouTubers make

Apart from admiration and enjoyment of watching videos, the users are truly curious to find out the amount that YouTubers make. Though not all YouTubers make money, many do, using their smart skills and interesting videos. Some even make millions and billions! Yes, you heard that right. This article will help you know how much YouTubers earn. Before that, here is a small brief on the different ways through which YouTubers can make money.

Different ways to make money on YouTube

  1. Sponsorship

If a YouTuber has a large number of subscribers or audience, then he/she can easily grab sponsorship opportunities. Bigger brands often offer sponsorship chances to YouTube channels with a large following. Therefore, a YouTuber can make a great sum of money through sponsored ads or content. The brand will use the YouTuber’s channel to expand the reach of its products. The YouTuber will either receive cash or free products in return.

  1. Advertisements

Revenue through ads is one of the very common ways to earn money. Different YouTubers make different amounts of ad revenue. The ad revenue will be based on the number of views. Example: Many YouTubers make around $17 to $20 for every 1000 ad views. The payment will not be fixed all the time, as the amount per 1000 ad views can change anytime. How much do YouTubers make?

  1. Affiliate links

Affiliate links are nothing but product/service links of different brands or sites. When a user clicks on an affiliate link while watching the YouTuber’s video and buys any product, then the YouTuber will receive a commission for the product sale. Through increased sales, the YouTuber can get an attractive sum in the long run. To earn money through affiliate links, the video should have more views, and the channel should have a large number of subscribers.

  1. Merchandise

Popular YouTubers can create their merchandise and get it popular through their videos. If you have a YouTube channel with a good number of subscribers, and you have opened your merchandise, it is a great way to earn money. A loyal fan following is a must for merchandise, as only such followers will look through the merchandise and buy something. Once the merchandise becomes famous, then you will be on a money rollercoaster that only goes up!

  1. Membership

As you may have known, some YouTube channels will require you to subscribe to Premium to watch extra content or videos. Subscribers can also earn a badge through a Premium subscription. As a Premium subscription will offer you enough money, it is one of the best ways to make money. Quality content is a prerequisite for Premium membership, as viewers will not be interested to subscribe to something unless it is very interesting or unique.

Now, let us get into the question of the hour, “How much do YouTubers make?”

Factors influencing the number of money YouTubers make 

The amount of money YouTubers make depends on various factors including

  • Video views
  • Ad clicks
  • Adblockers
  • Length of the video
  • Quality of the Ad

How much exactly do the YouTubers earn?

No two YouTubers make the same amount of money. As we just mentioned above, the number of money YouTubers earn will vary on different factors. Approximately, a YouTuber will earn about $0.03 for every ad view. For every 1000 ad views, a YouTuber can earn about $18.

If you think, YouTube may pay you based on your subscribers’ number then you’re wrong. You cannot make money on YouTube based on how many subscribers you have. YouTube will pay you based on ads, video views, and sponsored content, but not based on subscribers. So, even if you have a large number of subscribers, that’s not the only requisite to making money. How much do YouTubers make?

If you are seeing a YouTube video with over 1 million views, then the YouTuber earns more than $5000. To regularly gain money from YouTube, you should have at least $100 in your YouTube account, which you have earned through video views. Let’s say, if you are earning $5 per 1000 views for your video, you should get at least 20,000 views to earn $100. You can also Buy YouTube Views to get more reach.

how much do YouTubers make

To make money on YouTube, you need to create a channel first and implement smart strategies. How much do YouTubers make?

Smart ways to earn money on YouTube

To earn money on YouTube, you should follow certain things, which include:

  • Concentrating on one focused theme (Eg: Travel vlogs, Cooking, Aquarium ideas, gardening, etc.)
  • Regular posting of videos (2 videos at least every week)
  • High-quality content & video quality (Use best camera and quality info)

We guess you are now quite familiar with how much YouTubers make. YouTube is one of the best platforms to explore your skills. There is no right or wrong here. The smart one succeeds! Be the smarter one and learn the technical skills required to become a successful YouTuber. How much do YouTubers make?


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