To make good money on YouTube, it is important to first learn how to become a YouTube creator.

There are generally two kinds of people who need an answer to how to become a YouTube creator. The first kind seeks an answer to make money on YouTube, while the second kind does not aim towards monetary gains, but wants to become a YouTube creator for leisure and to simply explore his skills and share his knowledge/expertise with others on a particular topic.

Irrespective of the motive, it is wise to understand that you can make money on YouTube through some simple and smart strategies. Before jumping to the strategies, you should know how to create a YouTube channel and make money. This article aims at making you learn both.

As YouTube is one of the popular platforms used by billions of people in the world, it is quite easy to make at least a thousand people watch your content. You can increase the views with better content quality and interesting topics, but to do all these, let us first learn how to create a successful YouTube channel. You can also buy YouTube subscribers to become famous.

How to create a successful YouTube channel?

To create a successful YouTube channel, follow the below instructions:

  1. Learn how YouTube works 

One thing that most beginners do while creating a YouTube channel is they create a channel without doing even basic research about how YouTube works and videos gain traction. You need to avoid this mistake and get a good understanding of what sort of content does well on YouTube. You can take a look at the channels of successful YouTubers to see where they stand out. You should never copy them. But, you can learn from them.

How to become a YouTube creator?

  1. Pick a theme/niche

Next, pick your theme/niche. If you are going to talk about anything and everything randomly, that’s a bad idea! Successful YouTubers have a niche. They concentrate on a particular theme or genre. This will help you gain a specific set of audiences. Example: If you are going to review films, your audience will be movie buffs and people who love films. Similarly, if you are going to create a cooking channel on YouTube, people who love cooking and want recipes will see your videos. Therefore, choose a niche that you are best at!

  1. Choose interesting topics 

Narrow down the niche and choose relevant and interesting topics to talk about or post content about. If your video is going to be about boring topics, people will rarely click on it. Check out what is trending and choose topics that are currently relevant. You can also think about your audience and post content that they will like to see.

  1. Understand your audience

Understanding your audience is very important in how to become a YouTube creator, as it will help YouTubers increase video views and subscribers count. If you post content that is unattractive to your audience, you will not see any improvement in video views or subscribers count. Know who is your audience, what age group they belong to, will they be interested in your content, etc.

  1. Provide unique content

As YouTube is a place for millions, content is vast and infinite. To make your channel successful and earn money, you need to stand out by providing unique content. If you find videos about a topic that is already widely spoken and discussed, it is better to avoid it and go for something related to that or something that will stir a discussion. You can also present your content in a unique style.

  1. Customize your YouTube channel

You need to customize your YouTube channel as per the audience type. Customization includes adding a logo, banner, color theme, and channel name. If your YouTube channel is going to be about Gaming, then the logo, banner, channel name, and color theme should appeal to all gamers, as they are your audience. You can also include relevant channel descriptions, playlists, contact details, etc.

  1. Interact with the subscribers/audience 

To stay connected with your audience, regularly check the comments, and reply to them. Engagement is very important on YouTube. If your audience feels you hear them and respond, that’s a plus one!

How to become a YouTube creator?

  1. Share your work

Sometimes your closest family member or friend will be unheard of on your YouTube channel. If you are on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. you can share your YouTube channel link to these social media sites. It will help your social media circle know about your channel.

  1. Paid advertising

Sometimes, you might post good content, and share your work across different platforms, but the channel may not get enough reach as you expected. At such times, you can indulge in paid promotion of your YouTube channel. You need to pay YouTube to make your channel appear on search results. This will give you an upper hand in connecting to your audience type. You can also collaborate with influencers or popular YouTubers to promote your channel.

After following all the above steps in how to become a YouTube creator, you should also understand how people earn money on YouTube. YouTubers should strictly adhere to advertising principles to earn money via ad views. To do this, you need to post quality and relevant content to get more views. For per 1000 video views/ad views, YouTube will pay you a certain amount.

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