YouTube has been a popular digital platform among people well-known for the video content, it holds and presents to the audience. YouTube has a high web engagement of audience on its digital platform, but sometimes people get concerned about the length of the video, for that, there’s a straight and simple method for how to clip a YouTube video (2022).  

YouTube also holds a large variety of niches in video content on different channels, thus, the full scope for people to search for the content relevant to their interests; therefore, it also captivates a huge audience interaction on the channels which are popular among the audience for their trending content.

Even on the YouTube platform, a good engagement on the posts uploaded on channels can lead to a great opportunity for the channel to captivate the interest of sponsors towards their channel, also through working on more ideas to optimize the YouTube channel and enhancing the potential of the YouTube channel by holding good audience support can be possible by buying more YouTube subscribers to the YouTube channel.

How to clip a YouTube video (2022)

YouTube has made a different space in everyday life schedule. It comprises of the requirement to search on YouTube for the videos of relevant interest and has a very high graph. YouTube contains videos on varied subjects such as educational field, cooking, games, sports, guides, reviews, unboxing products, entertainment; etc., and thus, is a very familiar digital platform among people, but sometimes time duration of the videos becomes a matter of concern.

It indicates that when it comes to downloading any particular video and the length of the video puts the task of downloading under the pressure of data usage and storage problems. This comes to a solution that the particular YouTube video can be trimmed or cut instead of using the entire video. Many people can get confused about whether it’s a complicated process – how to clip a YouTube video (2022) but the task to trim the YouTube video is very simple.

The procedure for how to clip a YouTube video (2022) is as follows-  

  1. Go to the YouTube website and log in to the YouTube studio to begin the cropping procedure for YouTube videos.
  2. Proceed to the videos section and select the video that has to be edited then, click on the title of the video that has to be clipped.
  3. Select the editor button at the left of the page.
  4. Then, select the trim button at the left of the screen window.
  5. Hold or drag the edges-line part of the blue box, if the start or the end of the YouTube video has to be cropped.

Blue box- Here, this blue box represents the section of the video which not has been edited, and dragging the edges of this box implies leaving the content of the video, outside the box, which will be cut. Hence, it is clear every part that is in grey parts outside the blue box will be further removed from the selected YouTube video.

  1. But when the part which has to be removed is neither at the start nor at the end of the video then, for this situation, click on the Crop button and move the blue box to the start of the part that has to be removed out of the video and then, click on the Split button.

Hold the white box which appears and move it to the concluding part of the section of the video that has to be removed out of the video.

  1. When any particular timeframe section of the video has to be trimmed then, simply enter the start and end time of that particular section in the two small boxes, present next to the Crop button.
  2. Once after editing, click on the Play button to check out the cropping process done to the video.
  3. After checking if the clipping of the video has been done as per requirement then click on the Save button.

Hence, the procedure to clip the YouTube videos gets completed. The video is now ready as per the requirement after trimming.

What about interactions on the video before cropping it?

How to clip a YouTube video (2022)

There are absolutely no worries about the interactions achieved on the video on the channel. After completion of the above cropping process, the video’s URL, views, and comments will remain intact without any disturbance, which indicates there will be no change observed in interactions in the YouTube video on the channel

As interactions are important parts in the working of digital platforms such as YouTube because audience interaction with the posts decides the popularity of the video among people, thus, the content creators work towards their content enrichment by putting efforts into the demands, requirements, and relevant interest of the audience to get more views from people. Sometimes trimming videos is also as per the requirement of people so that they can easily access the video without a heavy loading process resulting in hefty data usage. 


These trimming of videos also can be a factor to summarize the content of the video, to fulfill the purpose regarding the working subject for which the post has been updated, in a short and simple format. It also comes under the strategies to captivate the audience’s interest and provide them with easily accessible choices for the content and this increases post engagement on the channel. It can be an opportunity to promote the YouTube channels through achieving offers for an advertising campaign

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