Do you value your privacy, then a viewer must learn how to delete YouTube history?

YouTube is an online video-sharing social media platform launched on 14th February 2005.  Approximately 150 million people visit every day and every individual spends at least 20 minutes on YouTube this makes it the second most website next to google. YouTube lets you can get a social media manager to increase the popularity of the channel.

After the takeover by Google its business module changed drastically. YouTube now offers paid content such as movies and some exclusive content. It lets you buy YouTube views to increase the rating of the channel. With a powerful algorithm, YouTube has a keen watch on what you search and watch. To avoid this, we delete YouTube history.

YouTube has an unparalleled social impact with people from all walks of life art, culture, health, spiritual, and others using this media to spread awareness of their field. YouTube Over a period of time, this social media has made a steep rise without any noise. You can enhance your channel. This is a platform where anyone with a Google account can post a video and hence one should tread with caution.

Google is ubiquitous and omnipresent and can gather information about us. YouTube has penetration into our life. The things you watch on YouTube may be personal but if you search for a video on a health issue, you would inadvertently reveal your medical history. Watching political videos may reveal to social media whom you intend to vote for. YouTube peek into our lives is massive and your viewing can reveal your interest, hobbies, health, and political interest. You can popularize your videos by getting more subscribers.

When signing into YouTube with your account of Google, YouTube has a record of every single video you watch and this is stored as favorites and allows the site to recommend new videos based on your tastes.

Privacy is very individualistic: some people do not worry about their search engine memory whether it is on YouTube or Google but some people feel that is an intrusion of their privacy. How to delete YouTube history.

Understanding how YouTube stores your history

Though YouTube is great entertainment, the App’s ability to record what you searched for or watched is a major concern. To get information on your tracking history on YouTube logged in through Google, you can click on the filter by Date and product at the top of the page, and then select YouTube only to show all the videos you’ve watched. This all increases the popularity of your channel but you can opt to have more audience in other ways. If one is concerned about privacy issues, they can delete YouTube history.

      How to delete YouTube history  Here are the basic steps on How to delete YouTube history

  1. Once logged in to YouTube, click on three bars in the upper left-hand corner to reach the YouTube menu. Select History. You can delete the entire watch history.
  2. There’s is also an advanced YouTube history. Clearing your YouTube watch and Search history will remove recommendations that appear on your YouTube homepage but it will not remove favorite videos or channels that you are subscribed
  3. Clearing history on desktop

On the YouTube History menu, the delete option is used to remove all the information

stored on your browsing history

  1. Clearing history on iOS
  2. Open YouTube. At the ‘Library’ remove the videos you watched from the history

On Android

  1. Open YouTube on your Android smartphone. Tap on your profile.
  2. Select the Settings option.
  3. Tap on History and Privacy. You are provided with the option to clear watch

history and search history. You may choose to erase one or both

  1. You can also enable the ”Pause watch history” and ”Pause search history”. But

pausing will not remove the history

  1. You can also pause your search history by selecting History>Pause Search History> Pause
  2. Advanced options: On logging in to YouTube, click on Profile picture to pull down a menu. At the bottom of the menu is click on the option “Your Data in YouTube”. Select the option to open a new screen and here you can control the information that YouTube can track. This gives an autodelete option and hence your watch and search history are no longer tracked.
  3. To expunge individual searches from the YouTube app, tap the magnifying glass This will display your previous searches under the search field.  You reach the appropriate videos on your phone and delete the information. This will stop the YouTube algorithms from identifying or guessing your choices. How to delete YouTube history.

How to delete YouTube history

Prophylactic prevention of data leakage to YouTube

YouTube also uses location data to recommend videos, If you are on the phone, turn off the location data that uses your GPS. At home it will use your IP address, so turn off your location history through your data on the YouTube page. The other option is the incognito mode through your web browser, or by turning on incognito mode in the YouTube app.

YouTube is a fantastic platform for entertainment, health, education, and lifestyle. It is Universal and can be viewed from any part of the world. It is up to the individual how he uses the system and also to take care of his privacy. It is very critical that you manage the trail left behind and safeguard your privacy by deleting the history. How to delete YouTube history.


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